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With a few clicks, you can create accurate reporting and a comprehensive blueprint of your brand. Our technology monitors millions of sites and media outlets for content that either mentions or relates to your business. Our advanced PR software delivers unmatched accuracy in media reference and reporting - offering you the most comprehensive blueprint of your brand.

Social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

The Vocus Public Relations software is the only platform that integrates social media monitoring with traditional coverage to provide a definitive analysis of everyone engaging with your business.
  • Follow more than news articles: Monitor blogs, blog comments, forum posts, mentions on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and more.
  • Identify the influencers you should be talking to: Rank top tweeters and bloggers by their number of followers, retweets, blog comments, and activity volume.
  • Engage your audience: With a single click, Vocus finds you quality content to share with your audience via Facebook and Twitter.
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  • Cover more blogs with less duplication: Vocus monitors more than 35 million blogs – filtering out false or duplicated results.
  • Track sentiment and tone: Vocus analyzes mentions of your business to gauge the feelings of bloggers, tweeters, and readers – lending insight far beyond the lead story.
  • Stay on top of Twitter: Understand and interpret what people are saying about you and respond within minutes. Track retweets back to their original source to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Analyze your online reputation: Chart how you - and your competitors - are faring in cyberspace using dozens of criteria.
News Monitoring

News Monitoring

Monitor over 225,000 media outlets - including online news sources, print publications, blogs, and broadcast media; including premium content from LexisNexis. Track circulation, online unique views and page views and ad-value metrics.

Real-time news broadcasts

Streaming Broadcast

Watch news broadcasts in near real-time - with streaming video from all 210 United States Designated Market Areas (DMA’s) and 15 international markets. Get viewership and ad-equivalency metrics to value your coverage, and download and save videos for future use.

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