Share your news online, across social networks and through the media.

In a world where news travels at the speed of the Internet and social media can shape reputations in minutes, effective PR has never been more important. Vocus generates media coverage by distributing engaging, easy-to-share content to more outlets for less investment in time, money and resources.

Press releases to all major distributors.

Press Release Distribution

Showcase your latest product or company news on prime media outlets like Google News,,, and more. Distribute cutting-edge, SEO enhanced press releases through Vocus PR – the Web’s #1 news release site for onsite SEO, number of daily releases, total website traffic, and social sharing.2

Make it easier for the media to learn about you


The easier you make it for the media to learn about your business, the more coverage you’ll get. Give journalists, bloggers and media outlets 24/7 access to breaking company news, press releases, executive bios, photos, and corporate collateral.

  • Keep key journalists in the loop: Give journalists access to news alerts from your company.
  • Update your newsroom instantly: The newsroom looks just like your website and is hosted by Vocus, allowing you to easily and seamlessly manage updates and edits.
  • See who’s using your newsroom and why: Monitor how many journalists visited, determine how they found you, and track your site’s most visited pages.
Email tools

Email Tools

Cultivate your blogger-journalist network with timely, relevant emails. The Vocus PR software easily manages, tracks, and records every email you send to every member of the media.

  • See who's opening your emails and visiting your website: At any time - without waiting for a report.
  • Give reporters exactly what they want: Draft emails with interactive links and provide access to the key information journalists need.
  • Create the right media list for every message: Build as many distribution lists as you need. Achieve better, more targeted results.
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  • Diversify your outreach: Create and send text or HTML messages.
  • Save time, every time: Upload and save the email templates you create – saving you valuable time during future email campaigns.
Daily email new reports

Daily Email News Reports

Draft customized news emails and create different reports for different audiences. Send executives important industry updates while finessing your daily report to address the needs of your PR and marketing teams at the same time. Set the criteria and automate your morning reports or set high priority and hot issues to send briefings on the hour.

Manage your business collateral from anywhere

Collateral Management

Manage your business’s approved PR collateral from anywhere in the world. Vocus consolidates documents, executive bios, photos, interview briefs, annual reports, and more in one central location – making it easy for you to access and distribute this information no matter where you are.

  • Find documents instantly: Code and retrieve stored collateral - like photos and multimedia files - by any category, including keyword, subject, type or department.
  • Keep your information current: Ensure that your team is always on the same page, keep one central file library and streamline communication.
  • Store any file type: .JPG, .DOC, .PDF, TIF, and .MPG.
Our executives love the analytics; the graphical metrics provide them with a better understanding of what our programs are actually achieving.

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Briefing Centers

Create a central, secure online news hub that’s available 24/7. Post current news, press releases, activities, collateral, and media contact profiles, and give access to whoever needs it - executives, clients or spokespeople. It's your call.

  • Do it yourself: The news center is completely customizable, searchable and maintains the look and feel of your company website - without the need to rely on IT staff.
  • Prepare your spokespeople better: Securely include press bios, related articles, messaging platforms, and more. Vocus makes it easier for your team to stay on message.
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