10 Reasons You Can’t Miss Demand Success!

We’re less than four weeks away from Demand Success 2013. As the guy who programmed the event, I’m pretty excited. It’s the conference I always wanted to attend, and I’m so very grateful that everyone has agreed to come and share their wisdom.

Here are 10 reasons you can’t miss this event (Okay – maybe more I crammed multiples under singular headlines):

1) Elisabeth Moss Takes Questions from Us

OK, I know I’m a bit of a fanboy. I watch Mad Men religiously every week, and can’t wait to hear Elisabeth Moss’s responses to crowd questions on a wide variety of topics. She has that unique outsider’s perspective, plus learning the role of Peggy Olson must have provided some fantastic historical knowledge.

2) Arianna Huffington’s Secret Sauce

I really thought AOL was dead. I still thought that after they bought the Huffington Post. In actuality, Ariana Huffington has revived AOL, turning its various blog properties into the Huffington Post Media Group. The results have been fantastic, with Patch, the Huffington Post, and revitalized TechCrunch products all leading their categories. In fact, the Huffington Post is now the #6 news site in America. Learning how AOL turned these media forms into major assets will be a fantastic experience.

3) Content Marketing Intelligence

Content Marketing is the rage this year, but popularity has brought some problems. How can companies provide quality information and compete in the face of the frequency arms race? It’s not an easy situation.

Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi will deliver intelligent ways to approach the strengths of this strategy. Other speakers like Lisa Gerber and Lisa Barone will augment the conversation with discussions on how to make content fit within the larger Internet marketing ecosystem.

4) The Party

You never want to say you go to an event for the party, but the Sterling Affair party promises great things. The Mad Men theme in honor of Elisabeth Moss will take what is already considered a great networking event to the next level. In general, the event promises to offer great networking!

5) The Altimeter Group’s Latest

The Altimeter Group features some of the industry’s brightest minds, namely Jeremiah Owyang, Charlene Li and Brian Solis. Jeremiah is coming to tell us about the Collaboration Economy, which he promises will be disruptive.

From Jeremiah: “From AirBnb, Etsy, TaskRabbit, to Lyft, the the sharing economy is on the rise. Your customers are sharing products using social media tools –rather than buying them — and that’s a disruption to you. Altimeter’s latest research will share how corporations can not just stay relevant, but lead the charge in their own community.”

This should be fantastic!

6) Crowdsource the Future of Marketing

How often do you get to shape the future? One of the most innovative uses of crowd feedback to date has been Dell’s Idea Storm. Vocus will take its turn at Demand Success, and listen to customers tell the company what they want from marketing software. This is a great chance to shape the future!

7) Facebook Futures

I like a good debate about Facebook. The company reports that engagement rates have never been better. However, Nielsen did a study that showed actual desktop hours spent on the network dropped by 6% in 2013. The drop was so precipitous that Rupert Murdoch compared it to MySpace’s first warning signals of decline. So what does the future hold for Facebook? My panel closes the event, so join us and find out?

8) The State of Journalism

NYU Professor Jay Rosen is a leading voice on the future of journalism. His insights into the way media and citizens digest information continues are invaluable, as noted by TIME Magazine. Ike Pigott will add a session on how brands can become more journalistic. Finally, we have a panel of new and traditional journalists debating the state of the industry.

9) Learning from Experience

Wendy Harman is one of the best known voices in the nonprofit space for her incredible work using social media during disasters. She’ll share lessons learned from the American Red Cross’s Social Media Command Center. Todd Herman, former head of digital for the RNC during the successful 2010 mid-term election, will add insights on making big data work for companies. Finally, author Danny Brown will discuss how influence marketing really works, and why some companies have had bad experiences with attention-based influence platforms.

10) Likeonomics

Last but not least, no one wants to buy something they don’t like. #1 Bestselling Author of Likeonomics Rohit Bhargava will discuss the art of crafting more successful relationships through the often misunderstood quality of being more likeable.

This keynote will show us that the power of likeability has very little to do with pleasing everyone or being a pushover. Instead, this talk will share ground breaking research, strategies from political campaigns and some of the largest global organizations, plus stories from around the world proving the potent force that likeability can be.

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