12 Great Vocus Blog Posts of 2012!

With only hours left of 2012, we at Vocus would like to thank you for reading this blog—a product of many hours of hard work, brainstorming, and (occasionally) debates.

We look forward to providing you with even better content covering all facets of marketing and publicity in 2013.

To wrap up the year, here are 12 of our greatest and most useful blog posts from 2012 that you may have missed.

Best of luck in the New Year!

1. Four Ways Not to Be Hated For Your Email Marketing

Sending out 3.4 million non-spam emails each month, small business evangelist Peter Shankman knows effective email marketing. From personalization to moderation, Peter explains the four steps necessary to make your email less intrusive and more effective. With email producing $40.56 for every $1 invested, these are tips you can’t overlook.

2. Switch2Health’s HARO Success Story: We Sold Out in Two Weeks!

Doubt the power of publicity? Ask Switch2Health. The business, which creates loyalty programs for healthy lifestyles, used HARO to get featured in Better Homes and Gardens and sold out in two weeks.

3. Five Small Business Marketing Worries and How to Overcome Them

Small businesses often hesitate before entering the marketing game. From where to start to a dearth of time, there seems to be too many obstacles. This Vocus blog post answers five of the biggest small business marketing concerns and shows what successful marketing entails.

4. Fifty Essential Social Media Marketing Stats

Ever wonder how social media can help your business? These 50 statistics tell the cold, hard truth when it comes to what social media means as far as earning customers, optimizing your PR, showing your value, and much more.

Email Metrics - Time of Day

Decision fatigue can be the difference between your emails being read or deleted.

5. Freakamarketing: Prisoners, Email Opens and Decision Fatigue

Is it a coincidence that morning is the time prisoners are more likely to be paroled and emails are more likely to be opened? Vocus Chief Marketing Officer Jason Jue says no. He explains how decision fatigue hits in the afternoons and evenings, giving marketers a glimpse at an effective marketing schedule.

6. Video: Three Customers Review the Vocus Marketing Suite

Finding new customers, doubling fan counts, spikes in Web traffic: these are some of the reasons that these three Vocus Marketing Suite customers love their software.

Want to see what the Vocus Marketing Suite can do for you? Click here.

7. Los Angeles County: Vocus PR Suite Revolutionized Our Media Relations

The largest municipal government in the country, Los Angeles County turned to Vocus PR Suite and found major success, especially with the software’s targeted distribution of press releases. The Associated Press and Reuters picked up one of those press releases within 30 minutes of it being sent. Less than two hours, later the Wall Street Journal was quoting from it.

8. Vocus Questions: Tim Reis of Google on Mobile Marketing

Not only is the number of mobile searches increasing, they often have a local intent and produce an immediate reaction, such as a phone call or in-store visit. Tim Reis took time away from leading the mobile and social platforms at Google to show how small businesses (and large ones, too) can take advantage of local mobile searchers.

9. Miracle Method: Vocus Suite Delivers Better Results Than a PR Firm!

Miracle Method, the leading bath and kitchen refinishing company in the United States, turned to Vocus Marketing Suite after a PR firm didn’t produce the results they desired. With Vocus, Miracle Method saw a 15 percent increase in projected revenues and a 20 percent increase in website traffic over its record-breaking 2011 campaign.

Social Sharer - Necessary Business Follower

A penchant for posting means that your ‘social sharers’ will spread the word about your products.

10. Infographic: The Five Social Media Followers Your Business Needs

You need more than fanboys among your social media followers. In fact, you should have five different types of followers, including (believe it or not) “basement-dwelling haters”. A Vocus infographic profiles the five types of follower, why you need them, and provides tips to engage them.

11. Ann Handley’s Six Steps to Winning at Content Marketing

It’s time to embrace the fact that your brand no longer has control over its image. Now customers control it. But there’s an upside, says Marketing Profs COO Ann Handley. Your customers can extend the reach of your content marketing further than your business could alone. See the six steps that will make your content marketing more shareable.

12. Crazy Baldy’s 2013 Marketing Crystal Ball Predictions

We don’t normally recommend trusting someone named Crazy Baldy, but this time it’s okay. Geoff Livingston runs down what you need to know as the 2013 marketing season kicks off. From the impact of an Apple slip to the surge of “Clicks and Mortar”, Geoff gets you a step ahead.

Image: kaitlin.marie (Creative Commons)



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