Crazy Baldy’s 2013 Marketing Crystal Ball Predictions!

 Geoff Livingston is an author, public speaker, marketing strategist and occasional foreteller of the future.

My Mom is Jacqueline Bigar, a nationally syndicated astrologer. So you could say that crystal ball predictions are a family business.

This week, I picked up my crystal ball to offer Vocus readers four crazy predictions for 2013. Here they are:

1. The Networks Settle In

Last year saw significant disruption with the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, the strengthening of LinkedIn and Google+, Facebook’s IPO, and Twitter’s stabilization under Jack Dorsey’s guidance. Expect stabilization and strengthening next year with no major disruptors.

Next year will see these networks own specific functions and media access points. For example, Instagram and Twitter will continue to strengthen in the mobile marketplace (unless this week’s privacy fiasco was too much for Instagram).

Marketers will be able to focus on the two or three networks that are most important for their business.

2. Content Marketing Fades Again

Content marketing was the big fad of 2012, kind of like blogging was in 2007. In fact, the two are pretty much the same with the exception of content including more diverse forms of media. And, like blogging created a wave of exhaustion, we’re already seeing folks burning out from the latest generation of mass content creation.

Winning organizations will develop methods to consistently produce regular quality content. The others will fade away, unable to maintain the pace, creating winners and losers.

3. Samsung Mops Up Apple Market Share

If 2012 was the year that Samsung arrived with the Nexus 3, 2013 will be the year that Samsung breaks open a wide lead over Apple. Frankly, things are not the same without Jobs at the helm, and while this may seem obvious, Apple is starting to lose its innovative edge.

The door is open for a major competitor, and Samsung is gunning for the finish line.

The impact on marketers will be subtle at first. But soon iOS and the iTunes store will be the second choice for development, with Android becoming the first place we see new applications.

4. Clicks and Mortar

The big digital media shift in 2013 revolves around how brick and mortar businesses — and in particular stores and entertainment venues — integrate social into their physical brand experiences. Some folks dub this trend Clicks and Mortar, the integration of online into our everyday physical whereabouts.

Burberry recently invested significant dollars to bring an online experience into its flagship London store. The effort includes some creative use of RFID chips to show video content about clothes that have been brought into changing rooms.

Businesses with physical locations will seek to leverage this burgeoning marketing trend.

Bonus prediction: we predict exciting times for Vocus Marketing Suite users. Stay tuned in the New Year!



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