2013: The Year Marketing Goes Mobile

Guest post by Geoff Livingston. Geoff is an author, public speaker and marketing strategist.

A recent study released by Google and ClickZ shows that mobile has moved from an experimental medium to a must have for corporate communicators.

Indeed, 2013 will be the year many businesses will officially go mobile.

According the Google Analytics blog, 87% of marketers are planning to increase emphasis on mobile during 2013, and belief in the power of mobile is rapidly growing stronger.

Planned mobile marketing tactics next year, include:

  • 52% plan to create a mobile- or tablet-optimized website
  • 48% plan to increase engagement in mobile advertising
  • 41% hope to develop a mobile app
  • 39% are planning to market a mobile app

The study shows some barriers still exist, including mobile measurement. However, once marketers do engage in mobile metrics they see opportunities to engage.

In addition, the study shows that 56% of marketers want to see revenue generated from apps, and another 51% want to generate revenue from advertising in apps.


The big takeaway for Vocus readers is that the time to go mobile was yesterday. By the end of 2013 if your online content isn’t built with mobile and tablet user experiences in mind, you will have effectively antiquated your marketing.

There are some tips you may want consider:

1) Weigh responsive design versus creating unique sites for each medium. Each has pros and cons, some based in cost, others in being able to address the unpredictable nature of the next mobile application.

2) Be very careful about building an application before optimizing your site for mobile. You’ll want to learn how your mobile customers interact with your site, and address opportunities as they arise BEFORE investing in an application.

3) Build more visual and shorter content that can be easily read or viewed on a mobile phone. Customers don’t enjoy reading long form content on mobile phones, and it’s extremely hard to download a long video on mobile.

What mobile tips would you add?



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