30 Things We’re Thankful For

Have you heard of 30 Days of Thanks?

It’s a month-long project where bloggers share something they’re grateful for every day of November. Well, here are ours, wrapped into one post.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Vocus Blog team!

1. Our amazing customers, getting amazing results by doing smart things with their software. We build it, you drive it. We’re honored you chose Vocus.

Thankful customers2. Coffee. Fuels us while we blog about everything to do with digital marketing, amazing customers included. See also: sugar.

Coffee: we love it so much we sponsor it.

Coffee: we love it so much we sponsor it.

3. Seth Godin and Mike Michalowicz: two marketing legends whose blogs dispense as much life wisdom as they do marketing advice.

4. The Vocus gym (and yoga classes): the perfect solution to writer’s block and a great way to energize for the day.

5. Our webinar speakers. From epic content marketing to social media PR hacking, we learn something new every month. Make sure you do too!

6. Arianna Huffington and Elisabeth Moss for keynoting our hugely successful Demand Success conference in June. Look out for an imminent announcement on 2014’s keynote speakers!

Thankful Moss

7. Wi-fi. Enough said.

8. Havard Rugland, the football kicking prodigy who also showcased the power of a Vocus news release.

9. Our Consulting team. They don’t just lend their expertise to Vocus customers, they also share it with the blog.

10. Infographics. Because how else could we visualize and simplify important data, like which brands Jay-Z raps about most?

Thankful Refinery2911. Our office, now a fixture on ‘coolest office’ lists and an amazing place to work. We’re replicating the atmosphere worldwide.

12. BuzzFeed, for hilarity, headlines, and ideas on marketing to millennials.

13. Buying Signals. Imagine a machine that pinpoints new customers on social media for you. It’s just one component of our Marketing Suite.

14. Oreo, whose Dunkin’ In the Dark tweet ignited the conversation about real-time marketing!

15. Our tiny marketing scientists. It’s not an easy job, and cat gifs are terrifying when you’re that size.

16. Rick Rudman for quitting his day job in 1992 to found Vocus. Thank you, @vocuschairman!

17. Jay Baer for articulating that smart marketing is about help, not hype. Follow this man as he takes marketing to the next level.

18. Geoff Livingston: marketer, author, entrepreneur, valued guiding hand to the Vocus Blog team, webinar presenter and occasional fortune teller. (How did he do?)

19. The Vocus clients who gave us video testimonials, like Kyle Blades at DiamondNexus, Hart Roberts at Telluride, and Scott Brady at Pedersen Worldwide.

Our talent team: they're hiring!

Our talent team: they’re hiring!

20: The Vocus Careers team, finding us the best and brightest colleagues as our company grows worldwide. Want to work at Vocus? Click here, we’re hiring. 

21. The Vocus Blog contributors who helped us grow into what we are this year. We’re talking about Jim Dougherty,Lisa Gerber, Ardi Kolah,Margie Clayman, Ifdy Perez and Jessica Ann. Thank you!

22. Super-smart brands like Zappos, who excel so much at marketing, it’s entertaining (and highly blog-able).

23. The 15 top marketing experts who helped create our State of Marketing video series.

24. The new Vocus office fruit cart, encouraging healthy choices with its location 150 feet before the free Candy Shop.

25. And the free Candy Shop. Because all fruit and no candy makes Jack a dull blogger.

26. The team who built the new Vocus Marketing Suite, for working around the clock to launch the product that will simplify, integrate and measure digital marketing.

Marketing Joke

Marketing jokes: use sparingly

27. Marketing jokes. How many copywriters does it take to change a light bulb? DON’T CHANGE MY LIGHT BULB!

28. The new Vocus Bloggers who joined the team this year. Checked out the work of Dee Wong and Adrienne Sheares yet?

29. Our blog readers. That’s you! Thank you not just for reading, but for commenting on, sharing and forwarding our posts. Without you, we’d be nowhere.

30. A long weekend for Thanksgiving, then getting to come back and keep blogging. We look forward to having you back for another year!




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