10 Great Apps for Marketing, Business, and Fun

People love smartphone and social media apps for marketing and fun, to the tune of 16 billion downloads from June 2011 to June 2012.

Those tiny icons sitting on your iPhone display and on your Facebook page may not always seem like a big deal, but they often mark some very clever advances in technology.

For marketers, apps can be time-savers, lead-generators, or lessons in integrating things like social media, search data, and gamification into campaigns.

Here’s a list of 10 (some fun, some business) innovative app releases that could help you, work for you, and inspire you.

1. Splashtop - $19.99

Great for marketers on the go, that app lets you remotely access your PC or Mac from your mobile device of choice. This means you can access any photo, video, document, or song from anywhere without having to transfer files.

2. Glass Bottom Jet - Free

In addition to booking flights and checking in, iPad users flying on Delta can get a virtual view of the ground below them, though its not in real-time. The app even pulls in Facebook data to show you which of your friends you’re flying over.

3. Buffer App - Free

Don’t have time to constantly log in and out of Twitter to promote your blog posts and offers? Trust Buffer App to distribute tweets for you at regular intervals throughout the day.

4. The Vocus Marketing Suite on mobile - Packages vary

Marketing no longer needs to wait until you get to the office. The Vocus Marketing Suite on your smartphone gives you all-in-one marketing results wherever you go, turning short-burst downtime into a business opportunity.

5. Skiver App - $1.59

Not happy with doing your marketing at home and want the whole day off? Fakers can use an app by Gospelware that provides a list of ailments, drafts an email to your boss, and even searches locally to find fun things to do as you play hooky. Though not the most noble endeavor, this app is yet another reason to optimize for local search, especially if your business has a local presence.

Facebook Flu App

Who gave you the flu? This app can tell you.

6. Help: My Friend Gave Me the Flu- Free

Medical company Help Remedies is using the power of social media to help people finger the friend who got them sick. The Facebook app scans friends’ profiles for complaints of symptoms and shows the likelihood that they got you sick.

The keyword search is similar to the practice that marketers use to find prospective customers showing an intent to buy, also known as Buying Signals.

7. SlideShark – Free

SlideShark allows you to give PowerPoint presentations with your iPad or iPhone without losing any of the formatting. Better still, it allows you to share the presentation and track how many people have downloaded it.

8. Google Goggles - Free

A lower tech version of the Google Glass Project, Google Goggles allows you to snap pictures with your smartphone and get search results. Now even if you don’t know the name of a landmark or painting, you can snap a picture of it and get information.

9. TurboScan - $1.99

Your smartphone can do more than read barcodes. With this app, it scans documents, receipts, notes, and just about anything else you might need and allows you to email or store the PDF or JPEG files.

10. IFTTT - Free

(Okay, this isn’t technically app. It’s a service that can connect two apps.) An acronym for “If This Then That”, the service allows people to customize triggers and actions. For example, you can set it up so that whenever someone uploads a photo to your Instagram page, you get a text message.

Want more apps for marketing? Check out these free tools to help you with content marketing!

Image: Brian Wilkins (Creative Commons)




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