Better Life Maids: We’re Expanding Our Brand with Vocus

Matthew Ricketts - Better Life Maids

Matthew Ricketts of Better Life Maids

“We’re looking to grow our brand outside our region and create a name for our brand Better Life Maids,” says Matthew Rickets, CEO at the St. Louis-based green cleaning service.

“We tried some press companies for a few months but didn’t see a ton of value,” Matthew says.

That’s why Matthew turned to the Vocus Marketing Suite.

“I try not to let marketing run my life,” Matthew says. “Each morning, I probably put only five or 10 minutes into the Marketing Suite. But it delivers results that would cost thousands of dollars with an agency.”

Ten minutes is enough time for Matthew to check his publicity alerts, media opportunities that Vocus delivers from reporters who need sources.

“I respond to them strategically,” Matthew says. “I look for three to five opportunities a week.

Better Life Maids - Feature - VMS

“I’m selective about which ones I respond to. I’ve set up search parameters for ‘spring cleaning,’ ‘house cleaning’ and some small business topics.”

The latest big hit came when Matthew responded to a query about green initiatives that businesses take.

“We responded and told the reporter about our fleet of Chevy Volts and Toyota Prius cars,” Matthew says.

Business Fleet Magazine featured us on its January-February cover. We got a two-page spread about our business. Then GM picked up the story and used it in their magazine. We got a double hit from the initial story.

“It definitely feels good to get the credibility of not just a little blurb but the full cover. A magazine feature definitely creates long-term SEO visibility.

“Because of the publicity we’ve earned, our local paper, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, has recognized us as an expert and reached out to us as a source.”

Matthew continued the publicity’s momentum with a Vocus online news release that sent the news to Yahoo and Google News as well as thousands of journalists, bloggers and subscribers.

Better Life Maids now uses Vocus to publicize franchise openings.

“We’re opening a Birmingham, Alabama office, so we put out a press release for that,” Matthew says.

“We’re using the news releases to broadcast our brand in Birmingham and climb local search results which will help us gain local traction.

“Our traffic is up significantly year over year. PR is a big part of that. SEO is a big part of that. And the Vocus Marketing Suite is good at both of those things.”

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