Christopher Penn’s Seven LinkedIn Tips for Marketers

Think LinkedIn is just a place for your digital resume? It’s actually a huge online marketing opportunity for your business.

On August 28, Christopher Penn of SHIFT Communications broke down everything you need to know to build real marketing success on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

Here’s a recap of his seven LinkedIn tips for businesses.

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1.  Get your LinkedIn voice right

When setting up your profile, remember that you are not your business. You represent your business as a human.

Fill out your profile in a way that shows that you are a representative of your brand and that you belong as part of the community.

Note: Consider downloading the mobile app to make consuming content and managing pages easier.

2. Prepare your content

Instead of creating a LinkedIn page for your business and publishing as you go, create a catalogue of content, banners, video, career opportunities, slides and documents that you can publish immediately.

In addition to showing your content strengths and weaknesses, this lets you hit the ground running.

Also take advantage of the opportunity to configure your products and services so that they are targeted to the right audience. For example, your page will display certain products based on the size or revenue of the company profile looking at your page.

3. Start a group

Joining groups relevant to your business or industry is a great way to engage prospects, customers and colleagues.

Don’t feel limited by what is out there, though. Start your own group and become seen as a thought leader.

“If you have time and not a whole lot of budget, this is one of the best ways of making use of that time,” Chris says.

Running your own group will allow you to filter out spam and spam-like comments that don’t further discussions.

4. Experiment for better intel

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to track down sales leads, recruiting leads, colleagues and industry insiders.

In addition to meeting people through conversations, take the opportunity to search based on people’s locations.

Also, customize updates so that the insights and information you want appears on your homepage.

5. Customize and target

Target Audience - LinkedIn TIps for Businesses

LinkedIn allows you to deliver highly targeted content.

Unlike Twitter where you post a tweet for everyone to see, LinkedIn gives you some opportunities for customization.

Maximize the value of your content by customizing it for your connections based on location, industry or rank by targeting updates.

As for post scheduling, there’s no magic bullet. Use Google Analytics to research the days and times when your website receives the most traffic.

Finding the right content and times to post helps you encourage customers and evangelists to participate in conversations and follow your corporate page.

6. Consider ads

It’s okay to “buy your eyeballs,” Chris says.

“LinkedIn ads do work, but they can be very expensive. They typically are more expensive than Google Adwords because they work because of their targeting.”

Pay per click self-serve ads are a great place to gather leads on LinkedIn, but they can cost anywhere from $4 to $40 per click.

“If you target well, you won’t need a whole bunch of clicks if your product is valuable enough,” Chris says.

LinkedIn also has more expensive advertising options to explore, especially if a particular campaign requires make or break results.

7. Measure!

Like with any social network, measuring the effectiveness of your content and engagement activities is crucial.

Make measurement easier by tagging your social media updates or employing an auto-tagging system. This will allow you to dig into your data and determine what exactly LinkedIn is doing for you.

You can track the number of people who have become high-quality leads or sales.

On Google Analytics, you can even dissect the data in a way that shows hot new leads and cold old leads.

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