Easy Content Marketing Through Social Media: A Checklist

A new study conducted by B2B magazine identifies content marketing as the most important tool for generating leads, brand awareness, thought leadership and sales.

Content marketing isn’t exclusive to search marketers either. Social media marketers can lead content marketing for their businesses on a daily basis.

I know what you’re thinking: How do you create valuable, relevant content daily? After all, content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight.

The answer in many cases is to snip, share and link to and from your existing content. Here’s how to do it,  share it, and measure it.

Where to find content:

1)      Your website: FAQ, facts, stats, whitepapers, webinars, events, product features

2)      Your blog: Copy and paste 140 character snippets as Twitter tips. Share posts on Facebook. Pin pictures to Pinterest

3)      Customer testimonials: Screenshot using ScreenPrint32 or Awesome Screenshot for Chrome and post to your networks with a link to your customers. Try “Share as Image Free” tool to transform quotes into pictures that you can pin on Pinterest or create a Facebook photo album with.

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4)      Industry influencers: Share their blog posts, or share quotes from their posts (don’t forget to provide attribution). Repost their statuses or RT their tweets.

5)      YouTube: Search for helpful tutorial or educational videos that relate to your industry, and share them.

6)      Your brain! Ask your audience questions to inspire conversation or induce feedback. This will clue you in to what kinds of content they want.

How to simply see how your content is performing in social media:

1)      Shorten all your links using bit.ly and viewing analytics:

bitly analytics

1)      Check out these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics: comments, downloads, email subscriptions, fans, favorites, feedback, followers, forwards, clicks and time on page.

2)      Speaking of Google Analytics, here’s how to see how much traffic is coming to your website from your social networks:

  • In Google Analytics, under Standard Reporting and Advanced Segments, add Custom Segments – Source: all social media sites (you’ll have to add them one by one) to see traffic from social media platforms
  • There’s a plugin called “Excellent Analytics” for Excel that pulls data for every time someone takes a social action on your site and calculates the traffic, action and conversion rate.

Where to post: a Content Sharing Checklist (click to enlarge): 

Keeping track of the content you create and distribute ensures that you’re repurposing and adapting the content to different social networks and making the most out of it. Don’t miss a content marketing opportunity on social media by forgetting a piece of content.

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