The “Demand Success” Vocus Conference Lineup!

Arianna Huffington won’t be the only newsworthy speaker at our Demand Success: Vocus Conference 2013 this June.

We’ve announced a spectacular lineup of experts and presenters.

From cutting-edge content and digital journalism to email and SEO best practices, the road to marketing and PR  success starts here.

Without further ado, here’s who we’ve got on board and what they’ll teach you:

Vocus Conference Speaker - Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone of Overit

1. Lisa Barone – How Social Impacts Search

You don’t have to look far to see how social impacts search. Research links high Google+ activity to better SEO rankings. Bing dedicates a column to Facebook pages that match your query. But how do you make social work for your SEO?

Lisa, the VP of Strategy at web design and development firm Overit, leads a panel to discuss the best ways to succeed in the new social search world.

2. Todd Herman – How the RNC Integrated Digital and Won the House

Politicians use social media to mobilize voters, solicit donations through email, increase visibility with search, and so much more. In many ways, they serve as models of effective integrated digital marketing.

Todd, who served as the Chief Digital Strategist for the Republican National Committee during the 2010 campaign, will share what marketers and PR pros can learn from politicians.

3. Jennifer Leggio – The New SEO of Content Marketing

Search engine algorithms, like Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, have changed SEO. Now content marketers must produce engaging stories and get content socially validated in order to rise up search rankings.

Jennifer will draw on 15 years of communication experience to show how marketers can position themselves to gain customer trust and become more visible.

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Vocus Conference Speaker - Jeremiah Owyang

Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang

4. Jeremiah Owyang – How Paid, Owned and Earned Media Work Together

Advertisements, corporate content, news stories, and social media chatter. It doesn’t matter the type of content. People consume it indiscriminately. As such, marketing, public relations, and social roles have merged.

Jeremiah, a Partner at Altimeter Group, will discuss how businesses need to use a variety of platforms to reach their target audiences.

5. Joe Pulizzi – The Content Marketing Revolution

The buying cycle starts on social media and with Internet searches. This means shoppers learn about your business only if people are talking about it or it ranks high in search results. How do you do this? Socially validated content.

Joe, the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, shows you how to achieve your business goals by thinking of yourself as a publisher of infographics, videos, and blogs.

Vocus Conference Speaker - Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen of NYU

6. Jay Rosen – Digital Journalism in Flux

How journalists produce, research, and distribute news stories changes as readers’ habits change, such as when they adopt a new social network. As journalism changes, so too must marketers and PR pros who rely on it for industry information and for third-party validation.

Jay, a journalism professor at New York University for the past 27 years, will provide a sweeping view of journalism in the digital era.

7. Paul Sherman – The Evolving State of Digital Journalism

Has journalism ever had a bigger period of upheaval than right now? Journalists offer their perspectives on their changing profession, which now often has salaries tied to page views.

Paul, the Editor and Publisher of Potomac Tech Wire, leads the panel discussion which will provide enlightening takeaways for marketing and PR pros.

Vocus Conference Speaker - DJ Waldow

DJ Waldow of Waldow Social

8. DJ Waldow – The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email has long given marketers tremendous bang for their buck. And with people spending more and more time reading commercial emails, it doesn’t look like that will change. Get the most from this medium by finding what works best for your business.

DJ, founder and CEO of email marketing consultancy Waldow Social, shows you why the tactics that work for some email marketers won’t necessarily work for you.

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