#Election2012: Six Unlikely Social Media Influencers in this Election

How tight is this election? The Wall Street Journal sums it up like this:

“In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Mr. Obama leads among all registered voters by six percentage points, and among those who appear likely to vote by five. But among those who voice the highest interest in the election—in other words, those who seem most intensely interested in voting—Mr. Romney leads by three percentage points.”

National polls are coming out near-even, while polling in swing states favors Obama.  In other words, the tightness of the election doesn’t leave much left to squeeze.

It’s a similar story in social media, where Obama leads Romney in mentions by roughly six percent. Ryan tops Biden by 20 percent and when the presidential and vice presidential teams are combined, both campaigns own roughly 50% of social media mindshare. It’s a dead heat. For more, take a look at the SlideShare presentation embedded at the bottom of this post.

Today, though, we’re we’re going to take a look at some of the most influential tweeters, aside from the candidates themselves. Warning: some of these tweets are politically charged. We are attempting to give a balanced picture of what’s being said on both sides of the aisle.

Red tweeters

1. @realDonaldTrump – Lest we mistake him for the fake Trump, this verified account is just short of 1.5 million followers, with 64 on-topic tweets, and 12,000 retweets, Trump is both decidedly pro-Romney and anti-Obama. While he tweets a fair share of snark, he’s also proven to be an ambassador reaching out to some of Hollywood’s finest on Romney’s behalf. Sample tweet:

2. @DennisDMZ – Comedian Dennis Miller, who frequently appears as a contributor on FOX News, weighs into the debate with his verified account.  He’s earned 200,000 followers, has tweeted on-topic 25 times and earned 8,600 retweets.  Sample tweet:

3. @jjauthor – Conservative author Janie Johnson has more than 34,000 followers, has tweeted on topic more than 800 times with north of 5,000 retweets. Like Trump, she tends to attack the left and advocate for the right.  Sample tweet:

Blue tweeters

4. @LOLGOP – This faceless handle is tied to a blog titled Eclectablog and seems more “anti-Romney” than “pro-Obama”.   When not “laughing out loud” at the “Grand Old Party,” this handle is earning followers – more than 100,000 as of today.  Its 300+ on-topic tweets have earned 14,000 retweets. Sample tweet:

5. @TheDailyEdge – This is another anti-Romney handle that also takes a jab or two at Paul Ryan.  The Twitter handle is tied to this Facebook page, but otherwise, like @LOLGOP, is seamingly faceless.  The account has 21,000 followers, has tweeted on topic 300 times, and as of publishing, has earned just shy of 13,000 retweets.  Sample tweet:

6. @chrisrockoz – This account attributed to Chris Rock is not yet verified by Twitter (and @ChrisRock does in fact have a verified account on Twitter), so it’s unclear if this is someone hijacking the real Chris Rock’s name, or simply another handle the actor and comedian is using for political tweets. The account boasts 40,000 followers (far shy of the verified account), with 100 election-relevant Twitter posts and has been retweeted 10,000+ times.  Sample tweet:

So posts like these influence or sway voters? It’s going to be interesting poring over the data when the election results are published. In the meantime, check out this presentation to see the current state of the social media election.





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