What Our Enhanced Vocus Marketing Suite Is All About

Marketing your business just got better! Today, we launched the enhanced Vocus Marketing Suite and it’s packed with integrated features that a) work together and b) work for you to attract, engage and retain the new customers your business needs.

With so much for marketers to do today, getting great marketing results and sustaining them can be a daily challenge which our new software suite makes easier.

“Great marketing requires working in many mediums and that can take its toll on businesses,” says You Mon Tsang, our SVP of Products. “The new Vocus Marketing Suite takes diverse marketing disciplines – social, publicity, search and email – and unifies them – resulting in a cohesive stream of marketing opportunities to attract, engage, and retain customers.”

Business Streams: integrated marketing opportunities as they happen!

Business Streams! Does a more powerful suite need to be more complex? Nope: ours is easier and more intuitive, thanks to its integrated Business Streams dashboard, which delivers your new and existing Vocus marketing opportunities – social media Recommendations, Publicity Alerts and the all-new Buying Signals – in one stream as they arrive.

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“We modeled it after social networks like Twitter and Facebook to help marketers digest the information that the Marketing Suite provides every day,” says Abby Hammer, our Suite’s product manager. “Business Streams brings all of your content together and makes it simple to find exactly the opportunities you’re looking for to get results.”

Buying Signals!   Leading the way in delivering leads is our Buying Signals™ feature. We’ve talked about social media buying signals before on the Vocus Blog – they’re the language-based signals that users give off when they’re exploring a product or service or articulating a pain point.

From complaints about broken sunglasses to requests for local vendor recommendations, they’re opportunities for businesses to join the conversation with new potential customers.

Just give the Vocus Marketing Suite your business keywords (e.g. sunglasses) and let Buying Signals serve you up a stream of genuine, real-time leads that you can engage with straight from their dashboard.

“It helps us start real conversations with potential customers,” says Vocus customer and beta user Jennifer London from Diamond Nexus. “Those conversations turn into sales.”

Integrated email campaigns: pick a template and go!

Integrated Email! How do you keep the new customers you attract with your social, search and publicity marketing?  As of today, you do it with integrated email campaigns, based on the multi-award-winning iContact platform we acquired last year.

Included under the new Email tab are 600 (and counting) professionally pre-designed templates for you to drag and drop text and images onto – which makes building an email campaign as simple as using Facebook.

Easy segmentation and contact management help you deliver tailored, more relevant content, while integrated social sharing helps you amplify it through Facebook or Twitter. We’ve long said that integrated email  and social is the way to go; now you can do it in one click.

Local listings! When your customers need a local business, they use local search, and if you’re not showing, you’re not selling.

Like trying to mine buying signals on your own, feeding content to local search sites manually can be a full-time job. Enter our new Local Listing management feature, which keeps all of your business info current on key local search sites like Google, FourSquare and over 100 more simultaneously.

Marketing can be hard. Vocus makes it easy.

“Ten years ago I would have said marketing success was building your brand, or extending your reach,” says You Mon Tsang. “Now, I would say now it’s about finding and bringing in customers. Marketing can be much more tangible now. It’s closer to ROI. So that’s what the Vocus Marketing Suite is all about. It’s about helping you find customers, bring them in, and retain them.”

So if you need marketing success, delivered, don’t wait any longer. Click here to take an online demo of the enhanced Vocus Marketing Suite and see what it can do for you.





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