Five Ways to Find More Social Media Followers!

Stepping into the social media marketing universe can be quite intimidating. Facebook has 1 billion active members. Twitter has half that number.

But creating a social media account for your business means starting from scratch. Of course, shortcuts (like purchasing Twitter followers) exist – but are not recommended. Businesses should aim to build a group of fans and followers related to their products and services.

Whether just starting out or looking to bolster your following, these five tips will help you find more social media followers who are right for your business:

1. Be specific

Using the right keywords is essential. If you sell musical instruments and use the keyword “music”, you will get lost in a deluge of results. Instead, use the keywords of your inventory or specialty.

For example, the keyword “Les Paul guitars” will cut through the fluff and bring you that much closer to your target audience. Don’t rely on a single keyword to do all the work. Your keywords should include specific promotions, the name of your company, other products and services and spokespeople for your brand.

Google Analytics - John Jantsch

Google Analytics shows which social media sites refer traffic to your website. (Image courtesy of John Jantsch)

2. Check the metrics

Knowing which social media sites your customers use is half the battle. Sure you can ask them, but there is a more scientific way.

Use Google Analytics to see where traffic to your website is coming from. Knowing which of your social media networks send you the most customers gives you a clue where to concentrate your efforts.  Follow these steps to see how you can use Google Analytics to segment your visitors by the social networks that referred them.

3. Search social media

Social media is a 24-7 parlor that savvy marketers can mine for intel about their business and products. Customers air grievances, recommend products, and ask for advice when using their social networks. Searching for keywords on each social media site will help find those conversations and prospective customers.

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4. Adjust to trends

Yes, keywords are king when it comes to keeping up with the latest social media conversations about your industry. Unfortunately, their reign doesn’t always last long. Industries change as trends come and go.

Even the way people search for things change. With static keywords, you may miss the shift. Develop a growing cache of keywords by regularly monitoring social media and identifying industry and search trends to adjust the keywords your business monitors accordingly. This will give you a leg up on your competition when it comes to meeting your target audience’s needs.

5. Produce content for your ideal customer

Keywords are only the first step in the battle for brand recognition. Social media listening skills not only teach you what your target audience wants but show how to reach them.

Produce social content that closely matches the interests and needs of your target audience. By communicating to your target audience in their language, they will find you as they look to satisfy their craving of engaging with a brand that truly understands them.

Image: paurian (Creative Commons)



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