The Five Key Holiday Online Shopping Dates (Plus Free Webinar!)

Guest Post by Ian Lurie, CEO of online marketing agency Portent, Inc and the host of tomorrow’s Joy to Q4! Vocus webinar.

You know about Cyber Monday. But did you know about Green Monday? Or Free Shipping Day? Or December 5th, the second-highest revenue day on the internet?

Between now and Christmas Day, you need to know about five key online shopping dates that drove significant e-commerce revenue last year:

1. Cyber Monday

When: The first Monday after Thanksgiving. This year, that’s 11/26.
What: A key date for online ‘doorbuster’ sales.
How much: $1.25 billion in 2011.

Prepare for Cyber Monday with a clearly labelled and titled page on your site for Cyber Monday sales. In 2011, the most-clicked phrases for Cyber Monday were ‘Cyber Monday’, ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘% off’. Keep that in mind as you craft your message.

Cyber Tuesday? Or Green Monday?

2. The first Monday and Tuesday of December

When: This year, that’s 12/3 and 12/4.

What: Shoppers try to clear out their lists.
How much: $1.178 and $1.107 billion in 2011.

There’s no name for this date. Just call it “A really big sales day” and we’re good.

Want some really big sales days this holiday? Register here for Ian’s webinar tomorrow!

3. Green Monday

When: The 2nd Monday in December. This year, that’s 12/10.
What: eBay’s best sales day in December.
How much: $1.133 billion in 2011.

I don’t know why Green Monday is such a huge sales day, but it is. It’s the #3 top sales day of the entire online shopping season. Be mindful.

4. Cyber Tuesday

When: The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year, that’s 11/27.
What: Cyber Monday’s big, but the day after isn’t exactly slow, either.
How much: $1.116 billion in 2011.

Made it through Cyber Monday with your store online and your shipping intact? Great! Don’t relax. There’s money to be made the day after, too. Make sure you’re ready to fill orders and deal with a high server load.

5. Free Shipping Day

When: Typically mid-December. This year, probably 12/17.
What: The last day many stores guarantee pre-Christmas delivery with free shipping.
How much: $1.072 billion in 2011.

Free shipping day has become the de facto last day most stores offer guaranteed free shipment delivery before Christmas. It generates a huge burst of sales, if you can ensure your customers know about it.

Be sure to get the word out via e-mail and social media.

Check your dates, and your data

Best sales days vary for different retailers. Check your top sales last year by day—if they correspond to the dates above, plan accordingly. If they don’t, find your top sales days and take advantage.

For more marketing help from Ian, check out the Portent website and follow him on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and Google+. 

Image: IronRodArt (Creative Commons)



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