Links We Love: Target Audience, Pricing, and ‘Beersgiving’

It’s one week until the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Learn why setting prices too low can turn customers off in this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the Week

Pondering who to target with your unused marketing dollars this holiday? Forbes suggests Baby Boomers, who hold 70 percent of the disposable income in the United States. Pick Baby Boomers as Your Target Market for the Holidays—via Forbes

List of the Week

“Sticky” and “Pavlovian” are two words that are among a list of 14 adjectives that marketers used to describe effective marketing content. Sticky content makes people stay on websites longer. Pavlovian content refers to content that customers can’t resist. 14 Insightful Adjectives That Define Great Content Marketing—via Econsultancy

Tip of the Week

Don’t set your prices too low this holiday season. According to a study from Vanderbilt University, customers love getting bargains but correlate too low prices with an inferior quality product. Do Consumers Think Cheap Prices Mean Cheap Products?—via Vanderbilt News

Stroke of Genius of the Week

Eighty million drinking age Americans will spend the day before Thanksgiving with friends. To help people celebrate ‘Beersgiving’, Miller Lite gave $25 gift cards to the first 2,000 eligible entrants on its Facebook page. Miller Lite Sponsors ‘Beersgiving’ Celebrations—via Beverage Industry

And Finally…

Watch your spam! A man is suing the Buffalo Bills for receiving too many text messages. The man signed up to receive three to five text messages each week from the NFL team and received seven one week and six another. Fan Sues Bills Over 3 Excess Texts?—via Fox Sports



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