Links We Love: Update Overload, Mobile Search, and Beer

The New Year is only weeks away and predictions about the future of marketing are ramping up. Find out why local mobile search will be key in 2013 and other marketing news in this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the week

This should add fuel to the quality side of the quality versus quantity debate. One third of U.S. Internet users severed a social media connection with a brand because they posted too many updates.  Update Overload Remains Brands’ Biggest Social Danger—via eMarketer

List of the week

Nothing says the holidays like… marketing campaigns? ClickZ put together a list of five marketing campaigns that have become as much a part of the season as eggnog and carols, including Office Max’s “Elf Yourself”. Holiday Marketing Traditions, Old and New—via ClickZ

Tip of the week

Want to make a marketing splash in the New Year? Go after local mobile search. Mobile Internet traffic has grown from 4 percent in 2010 to 13 percent in 2012 and figures to keep going up. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing—via Search Engine Watch

A group of Trappist monks capitalized on the exclusivity of its beer, selling a limited release of six packs for $85.

Stroke of genius of the week

A group of Trappist monks needed money to repair their roof, so they decided to sell their world-class beer, Westvleteren XII, internationally. Costumers camped out for the chance to buy the $85 six pack and showed the power of exclusivity.  From Belgium to Piggly Wiggly – U.S. Fans Snatch Up Elusive Ale—via NPR

And finally…

College students are experts at social media, but they can now make that knowledge official. Newberry College in South Carolina is offering an undergraduate major in social media. (Of course, we know that learning social media is an ongoing process.) College Students Can Now Major In Social Media—via Upstart

Image: broken thoughts (Creative Commons)



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