Content: Five Tips for Telling (and Selling) Your Story for Tablets

Tablet and e-reader ownership doubled this holiday season.  Now almost 30% of American adults own one, and they’re not just playing games and listening to music.  They’re consuming content – a lot of content.  Consider this:

In a study by Online Publishers Association (OPA), 87% of U.S. tablet users say they access content and information on their devices.

That’s a huge number of potential customers looking for relevant, useful content – oblige them! Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, you must realize that these tablet users prefer a certain type of content and have certain ways with which they like to consume it.  You’ve got to tell your story to match what they’re looking for – here are five tips to get you started:

More news content. Two-thirds of tablet users have news apps.  53% of users consume news on their tablet daily. And 78% of users read more news content on their tablet than they did before they owned one.  Tablets are, more than anything, a news consumption device.  To adapt, you need to get in the news and send out news releases with optimized keywords.

More video. Because of the bigger screen (as compared to smartphones), users are consuming more video.  This has helped TV show, movie, and even video ad consumption.  It can help you, too.  Create product, tutorial and testimonial videos that’ll grab people’s attention and generate buzz.  These devices were made for that – and these users are practically asking for it.

More long-form content. People use their tablets and e-readers multiple times per day. The average daily use of an iPad is 90 minutes.  Users are more apt to consume longer content (like video) – from start to finish – than any other device.  So use that extra time wisely and engage your audience with more information, better examples and greater depth.

More family-focused content. Tablet use is growing among women (43%), e-reader use is dominated by women (61%), and children everywhere want to get in the mix too.  Before our eyes, these devices are being used by the family.  Your content needs to speak to that by including fun, quick-and-easy copy and more visuals.

More attention to e-commerce.  Users who browse e-commerce websites on tablets are more likely to make purchases than other online shoppers. On these devices, people are looking for your content and consuming it start to finish.  Once you have them, you’ve got to encourage a purchase with a strong call to action.  That’s the whole point, right?

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Image: Gurdonark (Creative Commons)



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