Five Visual Marketing Ideas for Service Oriented Businesses

Ifdy Perez is a social media strategist with a specialty in community building.

It’s seems easy for some companies to show off their product with snazzy pictures of the soda bottle, printed invitations, or other thingamajigs. But what do you do when your company offers a service rather than a tangible product?

This is when you let your creativity kick in. Your images need to portray a concept rather than something tangible, and this is a great opportunity to show your customers who you really are.

Here are five ideas on how you can find pictures that say, “YOU!”:

1. Capture Company-Related Events

As part of the trust-building process, your brand will show that you genuinely care about your customers, and a way to do that is showing how personable your company is. Show pictures of your brand in action whether it’s a volunteer day at the local food kitchen with your staff, your company booth at a food festival—you name it. These “company culture” events show your fans the faces of those that make the brand. So next time there’s a company event scheduled, take out your iPhone and snap some pictures!

2. The People Who Love You

There’s no better way to promote your service than to highlight your happiest customers. One way of doing this is taking pictures of your customers and adding a supportive quote of your service on their picture. This works for both B2B and B2C businesses. You could also share some of your customers’ own content, as a way to give their work a shout-out on your page. Although, in this case, you’re not really talking about your service directly, you are acknowledging your people and working on that relationship. Just be sure you’ve got them on board with what you’re doing; a release form can help with that.

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General Electric Pinterest Page

From what it powers to inspiring images, GE’s Pinterest page offers a wide-variety of compelling images.

3. Things You Believe In

Inspirational quotes and powerful stories are easily one of the most commonly shared images online. If there’s a quote that resonates with your company’s beliefs, a motto your staff lives by, or a saying that would simply brighten anyone’s day, consider creating a snazzy image with that quote to share online. There are several apps you can use to create eye-catching images of quotes right on your phone (my personal favorite is Jusgramm). Be sure to double-check the authenticity of the quote you decide to use.

4. What You Like

Pinterest is a great platform to display content that your brand likes and is generated by others. Curating content is a great way to offer your customers more resources to help them beyond what your normal service offers. It’s helpful to your customers, and it says a lot about your company without having to constantly create new content.

5. Memes

This may not be a comfortable option for many businesses, but if you’re willing to show a little personality and humor with your audience, take advantage of some of the memes out there (tastefully, of course). The meme is powerful, and well-accepted if used the right way.

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Image: arichards63 (Creative Commons)



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