Five News-Based Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with consumers. According to a recent study from Harris Interactive, some 58% of consumers say email is a great way to stay in touch – which rose from 45% last year.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be all about offers and promotions. It can be equally effective as a tool for sharing news and building your brand. Even a seemingly minor news event – a new hire, partner, or milestone – can engage your audience and help keep your business top-of-mind.

Here are five ideas to get you started.

#1: Acknowledge awards: Have you, a member of your team, or a product or service just won a significant award? This is big news and definitely worth announcing. If the award is particularly prestigious, being short-listed for it might be newsworthy enough to warrant a mention. If your peers think enough of you to put you up on a pedestal, don’t be shy. Acknowledge your pride in being selected, and thank your customers and employees for their support.

Vocus Tip: Extend the reach of your awards news by pushing out via email, your blog, and social media, and use a service like PRWeb for an online press release.

#2: Reveal survey results: A survey can provide an excellent base upon which to build a marketing campaign. Delivering insight collected from customers or another targeted group suggests you have a deep knowledge your particular industry. Numerous free online survey services provide easy-to-use tools for surveying groups of people and quickly collating the results. It is even possible to set up simple polls on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, which will widen the coverage of the survey beyond your own database.

Vocus Tip: Putting the survey results into an easy-to-read and engaging format, such as an infographic, will make the information easily shareable and appealing to many audiences.

#3: Publicize the successes of a recent event: You’ve recently organized an event that provided some great content. Why not squeeze a little extra marketing juice from your efforts? Recapping the success of your event will give you a brand-new angle to work with very little extra legwork. Who attended? Which speakers stood out? Were there any presentations you can share? Were any major announcements made?

Vocus Tip: If you don’t run your own events, try riding on the back of someone else’s events to strengthen your social promotion.

#4: Communicate brand updates: As your business evolves, this presents numerous opportunities to communicate with your customers. Perhaps you have built a new website, rebranded your stores, or designed a new logo. Keep your customers in the loop by sharing the news with them.

Vocus Tip: Don’t get stuck in last year’s design. Updating your email template is quick and can help you reengage your subscribers with a new look.

#5: Use frequently asked questions: Compile FAQs into an article that you can publish on your blog or as a web page. If your support team or social media properties are being clogged up with the same question over and over, this will help alleviate some of that stress and will give you a page to which to refer your customers.

Vocus Tip: Look at your Facebook wall and Twitter feeds, and talk to your support team to identify common questions.

For more ways to promote your business with email, download our free iContact guide here!

Image: Sean MacEntee (Creative Commons)



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