Four Last-Minute Marketing Housekeeping Tips for 2013

For some businesses, the days between Christmas and New Years can be pretty quiet. But they don’t have to be! Those few days in between the holidays are a great time to get organized before 2013 hits.

Here are four end-of-year housekeeping ideas for your marketing:

  1. Social media: When was the last time you updated your company’s Facebook profile photo or your company description? The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media tools you rely on to get the word out about your brand and business. Updating profile pictures and adding new details that describe your business are easy ways to make yourself and your business searchable to new audiences.
  2. Website: Have you checked your SEO keywords lately? Sometimes things change throughout the year – you introduce a new product to a new market, you decide not to sell a certain product anymore (so your audience/buyers change), or you move your business or add a second location. All these things can influence which are – or aren’t – the best keywords for attracting new customers. This is the perfect time of year to do a refresh.
  3. PRWeb News Release - Publicity

    Preparing a list of news releases, like this one on PRWeb, will save you time in 2013.

    Publicity: What press releases garnered the most media attention for you this past year? Did you add your media “clips” to the press page of your website? Do you have a calendar of press release topics set for next year? If not, spend the next few days assessing what news resonated the most with your customers and members of the media. Then, build a preliminary press release list based on what new and interesting things you know will be happening at your business. This is a great way to keep you on track and the news flowing – even if the list changes (and it will). At least you’ll know where to get started.

  4. Photos: Got photos from company events, of new products, or something new and different you’ve done to your business/store front? Why not put them up on a Flickr page for employees, potential employees and current/potential customers to see? This not only augments your social media presence, it helps people get to know you and your business better. After all, everyone likes to feel good about who they’re buying from.

By using the remainder of 2012 to focus on 2013, you’ll ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running on January 1st!

Image: cybertoad (Creative Commons)



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