Herr Foods: We’re Growing with the Vocus Marketing Suite!

Herr Foods has grown from serving just the north Atlantic area to the Midwest and South,” says Hans Thomas, Community Marketing Specialist for Herr Foods.

“As we expand and our fan base grows, it makes everyday marketing more challenging because we have more to do in the same amount of time.”

That’s why Hans and the 11 other members of the Pennsylvania-based snack food company’s marketing department rely on the Vocus Marketing Suite.

Herr Foods Logo - Vocus Marketing Suite

“The Marketing Suite really helps with time management,” Hans says.

“Three times a week, I look at Vocus to see the relevant social media conversations it pinpoints based on our keywords.

“We respond to questions and give people the chance to find and interact with our brand.”

“We often use the interactions to communicate with our B2B customers. We can use our data to show which Herr’s snacks people want in their local stores.

“After interacting with our customers, I schedule tweets and Facebook posts for the weekend. The Marketing Suite really has something for whatever you’re looking to do. Instead of doing things piecemeal, it’s all at your finger tips.”

“In all, it takes about four hours a week.”

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One of the Marketing Suite’s best features, Hans says, is Vocus’ custom Facebook apps.

“Before Vocus, we hired an outside agency to help run Facebook sweepstakes,” he says. “But with Vocus, we do it ourselves.

Herr's Salt and Vinegar - Vocus Marketing Suite“We’ve been on Facebook for six years. Organically, we may have gotten to 10,000 Likes by now. Vocus has gotten us 48,000 more.

“As important as the Likes is the data the Marketing Suite delivers (such as demographics, referrers and post impression rates). It helps us prove that we’re doing marketing right. It’s certainly helpful when meeting with your superiors,” Hans says with a laugh.

“Before Vocus, if managers asked what we were doing, we could tell them about our followers. But producing the numbers they wanted to see would have been almost impossible.

“All the insights are there, making it much easier to present them.”

As the company continues to expand and time gets even more scarce, Hans expects to lean even more on the Vocus Marketing Suite.

“There’s certainly more that we can do with it. It’s encouraging to know that we haven’t exhausted everything and can keep getting better.”

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