Holiday Marketing Tune-Up: 20 Quick Tips from Ian Lurie

The biggest buying days of the year come directly after the Thanksgiving feast, including Cyber Monday ($1.25 billion in online sales last year). Many of these days can produce sales spikes big enough to make your whole quarter.

Is your business ready to take advantage? Speaker, entrepreneur, and search and social media marketing expert Ian Lurie gave us dozens of holiday marketing tips in his Joy to Q4 webinar that could make the difference between a good holiday and a great one.

“Pick the ones you know you can do and get those done,” Ian said. Here are 20 tune-up tips to consider.

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Cyber Monday – November 26, 2012

1. Create a Cyber Monday page ahead of the event and include a call to action to sign up to receive alerts about when sales start.

2. Edit Cyber Monday page after the date to apologize that customers missed the sale and steer them to other deals.

Green Monday – December 10, 2012

3. Create a Green Monday page and get better search engine rankings when shoppers search for it.

4. Save time by reusing your Cyber Monday template and changing the wording.

Free Shipping DayLast day most retailers can guarantee Christmas delivery

5. Send reminders before and on the day you can last guarantee Christmas delivery.

6. Don’t worry about nagging; people get more upset about missing free delivery than getting an extra email.

Tuning up your website

7. Scan your site to make sure images are compressed with an app on Google Chrome called PageSpeed Insights. This reduces page load time. “The amount of time it takes a page to download has more influence on conversion rate than almost anything,” Ian says.

8. Fix every broken link on your site with Screaming Frog, a free tool that checks each link on your site and tracks which are broken.

9. Find your top landing pages with Google Analytics and make sure special offers are featured on the page.

Holiday email marketing

10. Create signups for notification about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

11. Provide a link to your Cyber Monday page when sending confirmation emails.

12. Reduce chances of being reported for spam by scrubbing your email lists now.

13. Send emails on the day before, day of, and day after special sales.

14. Increase your open rates with ‘Black Friday’, ‘now’, ‘lasts’, and ‘% off’ in subject lines (Click here for the rest of the list).

15. Test subject lines by sending different ones to segments of list, analyzing which performs better, and using the most successful one for the remainder.

16. Resend emails to subscribers who didn’t open the initial one because emails often get lost in a crowded inbox.

17. Monitor your unsubscribe rates to see if you’re sending too many emails.

Social media readiness

18. Drive engagement by using images. Photos receive twice as many ‘likes’ than text posts on Facebook.

19. Create a Pinterest board with pictures of sale items. 70 percent of Pinterest users get inspiration for what to buy from the site.

20. Make sharing easy by adding links to product pages that allow people to ‘Like’ or tweet about the product.




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