Instagram Video or Vine: Who Wins?

The gloves came off in the social media world recently when Instagram announced a new 15-second video feature, putting the Facebook owned service in direct competition with Twitter’s Vine.

Shortly after the announcement on June 20th, Vine’s sharing stats plummeted. Marketing Land reported that on June 26th, less than 900,000 Vine links were shared on Twitter, compared with nearly 3 million shared on June 15th.

Is Instagram video the end of Vine as we know it?

Not so fast, said Vine last week when they rolled out their biggest app update yet. New features include categories for Vine genres, a redesigned camera, and the capability to “revine” (think retweet) other users’ Vines. Vine’s updates signal that the video sharing application won’t go down without a fight.

As the rivalry between Instagram and Vine (read: Facebook and Twitter) steers towards Red Sox and Yankee proportions, users have been taking sides – but which platform should marketers side with?

We turned to some marketing thought leaders and asked them to choose Team Instagram or Team Vine, based on usefulness to marketers:

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer, Collective Bias™

“I think Vine is basically ‘dead on the vine’ now that InstaVideo has arrived. Instagram comes with its own huge audience, allows for longer more useful video clips, and is a one-stop shop. EVERYONE uses Instagram for photos. Now they no longer have to close and open another app and then save them in another place. Vine was never a platform; it was simply another Twitter tool and that’s how it will remain.”

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“The debate over whether Instagram’s new video tool will kill Vine is the wrong argument. Instead, the question we should be debating is: Will Instagram’s new video tool gut Instagram’s wonderful tool? In other words, I’m less worried about Instagram killing Vine than I am worried about it diluting the very thing that made Instagram so wonderful to begin with.

Even though both Vine and Instagram video are short-form video tools that allow users to create small stop-motion films AND both are owned by social media giants, the nuances of each means that there’s room for both tools in content creation land.”

Christopher Penn: “Follow your community”

Christopher Penn, Vice President of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications

“Whichever is your greater community. Got a strong Vine community? Vine. Got a strong Facebook/Instagram community? Go with that one. In the absence of either, I’d lean towards Vine right now because it’s easier to share and embed outside the platform, but I don’t expect that advantage to last.” (Author’s note: Instagram announced photo and video embedding capabilities on July 10th, shortly after Penn made this comment.)

C.C. Chapman, Online Marketing Expert and Content Creator

“While I don’t see it as an “either or” choice, I do think Instagram is a more powerful option for marketers. The fact that it allows both photos and videos is why I say this. You have more flexibility with the length of videos and the content you create. Plus, you can share it across more platforms than Vine, which is very limited in sharing.”

Sarah Robinson, Author, Speaker, and Consultant

“Both Instagram and Vine have specific uses and specific audiences. If I were working with a client, I would ask them to find out which platform their customers and prospects were using most. Only by knowing that, could they choose the best platform for their marketing.”

DJ Waldow, Founder/CEO of Waldow Social

“More useful? Well, I think right now the answer is Instagram, but that’s more because they have a head start on Vine. With the addition of Instagram video, the divide may grow even more. Oh, and the fact that Facebook owns Instagram tells me the adoption right will be much higher than Vine, owned by Twitter.”


Who is the winner of the video sharing battle? Neither. While more influencers sided with Instagram than Vine, the majority prefaced their answers with the point that there is no one-size-fits-all choice. It’s important to select a platform based on where your audience is and/or your audience’s needs and preferences.

Are you Team Vine or Team Instagram? Please share with us in the comment section below!

Image via: truebluetitan (Flickr Commons)



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