How to Amplify Everything with Social Media: John Jantsch’s Tips

It’s time to adjust how we think about social media’s relationship to other marketing efforts, says John Jantsch, author of the best-selling titles Duct Tape MarketingThe Commitment Engine, and The Referral Engine.

“What we need to do is stop talking about social media as if it’s some sort of outside force in a silo,” John said during his recent Vocus webinar Getting Real Business Results with Social Media.

Instead, he says,  businesses should use social media to support every channel of their total online presence.

Missed the webinar? Click now to access the on-demand version!

“Firms using and viewing social media as a means of amplifying everything they’re doing, as opposed to a direct channel, are getting the most out of these tools,” John said. “Amplifying our content gets it not only to our followers, but the followers of our followers.”

Though creating a total online presence may seem daunting, John will help you conquer your reservations.

Here are six areas to integrate social media into for better results.

1. Content platform

“What a lot of people want to do is jump into the new tool of the week and start tweeting or pinning things without having this foundation build upon,” John says.

A content platform involves all the things we need to do to listen to our customers, journalists and bloggers, influencers, competitors, and industry news. Much of this listening can take place using social media.

Idea: Use a Twitter list to hear what your customers and prospects have to say about your business and improve accordingly.

Total Online Presence - John Jantsch

Social media marketing is an essential ingredient in creating a total online presence.

2. Organic SEO

Social media plays a significant role in how websites rank in search engine results. Just look at the role Google+ profiles play in creating SEO. Search engines gauge relevance, influence, and network. The more you post about your industry, connect with influencers, and network using social media, the more likely you will appear higher in search rankings.

Idea: Get better SEO by creating a Google+ account, building a full profile, and claiming your local page.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing allows you to engage in long-term conversation and build trust with your customers. Social media is a great way to add people to your email list. It also is a time to ensure that you are shareable.

Idea: Include buttons on emails that link to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Want even more social media tips? Check out Path to Influence, a study by Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing!

4. Social media marketing

“Create such great content that people don’t just ‘like’ it, they share it,” John says. “Those people are getting their messages through to significant numbers of fans.”

Marketers use social media to provide customer service, develop a network of partners, and stay up to date on the latest industry news.

Idea: Stay top of mind with great content, including a discount or link to a quality blog post.

5. Mobile and location

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop, search, and communicate. That means people who access social networks on mobile devices will often be referred to company websites, offline events, stores, and meetings.

Idea: To see how your website appears on mobile devices and for tips for becoming more mobile friendly, check out

6. Analytics and conversion

“Social media is so integrated into everything we’re doing from a marketing standpoint that we have to focus on numbers,” John says.

Engaging with Google Analytics is a must for marketers. It allows you to create custom dashboards that allow you to monitor most any metric you desire, including social visits. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will help improve your overall SEO.

Idea: From what visitors share your posts to ID-ing referral sources, Google Analytics Social Reports help show your social media marketing’s ROI.



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