Links We Love: Green Monday, Twitter Brevity, and Crazy Baldy

Christmas and New Years are almost here! Find out the biggest e-buying days of the season, how to make Facebook posts and tweets get the most reach and more with this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the week

File this away for next year (or wait for us to remind you). E-commerce spending on the second Monday in December, known as Green Monday, jumped 13 percent from 2012, reaching $1.465 billion dollars and matching Cyber Monday sales. Holiday Highlights: Spending Tallies, Consumer Behavior, and More—via Marketing Charts

List of the week

Geoff Livingston peered into the future of marketing with a list of predictions for 2013. From what to expect from the largest social networks to integrating social into physical stores, Geoff lets you get a head start. Crazy Baldy’s 2013 Marketing Crystal Ball Predictions!—via Vocus

Tip of the week

Facebook users are just as likely to share a brief note as a manifesto. However, when it comes to Twitter being brief is better. Tweets pushing up against the 140-character limit receive fewer retweets. How to Create Brand Engagement on Facebook—via MIT Sloan Management Review

Jell-O Funpocalypse

Jell-O newsjacked the rumored Mayan Apocalypse with this video that received nearly 100,000 views in four days.

Stroke of genius of the week

Either doomsday predictions were baseless or we owe Jell-O a big thanks. Jell-O released a video showing them offering pudding to appease the Mayan gods. The video racked up nearly 100,000 views in four days. Jell-O’s Funpocalypse: Much More Exciting Than Actual Apocalypse—via Mediabistro

And finally…

Don’t believe everything you see. A video of a golden eagle snatching a baby off the ground was revealed to be a hoax by three animation students. The video racked up 24 million views in only four days. Golden Eagle Snatches Kid—via Viral Blog



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