Links We Love: Mobile Marketing, Zombies, and 19 Clicks

Smartphones and tablets aren’t a fad. Marketers must make mobile a priority. Discover the proliferation of mobile and find marketing’s other newsworthy notes in this week’s Links We Love.

(P.S. If you missed Shel Holtz’s Mobile Marketing Crash Course, check back soon for the on-demand version.)

Tip of the week

Creating emails that work well on mobile devices is a must. Consumers read more emails on mobile devices than a browser or desktop. If an email doesn’t look good on a mobile device, 70 percent of recipients will delete it and 18 percent will unsubscribe. The 6 Golden Rules of Mobile Email—via Clickz

List of the week

What can zombies teach about content creation? Nothing. But the hit TV show The Walking Dead can. From creating interactive content to making content quick and concise, the show and its characters can teach marketers a lesson. 3 Tips From “The Walking Dead” on Creating Engaging Content—via B2C

Local Mobile MarketingStat of the week

Not only are people searching for local businesses more often thanks to mobile devices, but these searches have a lot at stake. Of local searches, 61 percent result in purchases. How to Master the Power of SoLoMo Data in 6 Steps—via ViralBlog

Stroke of genius of the week

When Maker’s Mark announced plans to cut its bourbon’s alcohol content, the company received tons of social media backlash. The company listened and promised not to change its recipe. Some considered the original announcement a marketing ploy. One thing’s certain, the announcement to cut and the decision to not earned lots of media coverage. The Best Marketing Ploy Since New Coke?—via Mediaite

And finally…

It’s the Internet equivalent of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Though the Internet has 14 billion webpages, a study recently concluded that no more than 19 clicks separates any two.  What does that mean? Not sure, but it’s cool. No Two Web Pages Separated by More Than 19 Clicks—via Mashable



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