Links We Love: Mobile Sales, SEO Challenges, and FaceWash

Winter has swung in with full force for most of the country. Warm up with some of the most interesting news in marketing with this week’s Links We Love!

Tip of the week

Just because most of your leads funnel to conversion a specific way doesn’t mean that’s the only path. Create more sales by nurturing customers based on their individual needs. 3 Useless Marketing Strategies You Should Ditch—via iMedia Connection

Stat of the week

Tablet sales are projected to make up $24 billion (65 percent) of the $38.4 billion worth of purchases on mobile devices. That means 2013 tablet sales will nearly match the total mobile sales of 2012 ($24.66 billion). More Shoppers Reach for Mobile to Browse, Buy—via eMarketer

List of the week

Worried that changes to search engine algorithms may have killed your blog traffic? Promote your content in other ways. From alerting loyal followers to promoting posts on blogging communities, ProBlogger offers four strategies for regaining traffic. Four Simple Traffic Strategies—via ProBlogger

Half Court Shot

A screen grab of a fan moments before making a shot that would deliver a dealership plenty of publicity.

Stroke of genius of the week

After sinking a half-court shot at a basketball game, a Connecticut man thought he won a car but learned he might be disqualified as his foot went over the line. Instead of waiting for the insurance company’s ruling, the dealership awarded him the car—and earned local and national publicity. Halfcourt Shot-maker Awarded New Car—via Connecticut Post

And finally…

Want to rid your Facebook page of the things that may not be appropriate in the professional world? Use FaceWash, a new app that scans your profile, news feed, and photos and removes unsavory things. FaceWash App Scrubs Away Your Dirty Facebook Past—via InvestorPlace

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