Links We Love: Writing Tips, Spam, and Blackout Tweets

That was some Super Bowl. There were baby horses, cookies, farmers, and (Oh yeah!) football. As the work week ends, check out the latest news in this week’s Links We Love.

Tip of the week

When content marketing, there’s more to consider than just the subject of your post. To engage your audience, the writer must consider grammar, tone, and theme when putting together a piece of content. How to Write Good: The Content Marketer as Lexicographer—via Brafton

Stat of the week

Super Bowl viewers were watching more than just the game on Sunday. Nearly 60 percent of viewers used their mobile phones more during the game than during the commercials. Surprising Stats on Mobile Use During the Super Bowl—via Fast Company

List of the week

As long as email marketing exists, there will be spam complaints. That doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to avoid those complaints, though. How you acquire your email list, whether you meet customer expectations, and how often you scrub your email list all play a role in whether or not you’re labeled as spam. Top Three Reasons for Complaints (And How to Avoid Them!)—via iContact

PBS Blackout TweetStroke(s) of genius of the week

Oreo got all the credit, but a number of companies were on the spot producing clever marketing when the power went out during the Super Bowl. Tide tweeted that it couldn’t “get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out.” PBS tweeted about alternative programming. 9 Brands that Thought Fast on Social Media During the Super Bowl—via Mashable

And finally…

Marketers know that using social media results in making money, but a teenager figured out how logging off Facebook could make her money. Her father will pay her $200 if she can stay off the social network through the end of the school year. A Father Gave His Daughter a $200 Contract to Stay Off Facebook—via Gizmodo

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