Living Fuel: Vocus Marketing Suite Gets Us 20 to 30 Leads a Day!

“In the four years I’ve been with Living Fuel, I’ve watched social media’s role grow from about 2 or 3 percent of people referred to us, to now where it’s closer to a third,” says Mark McGee, the nutritional company’s Director of Communications.

“Social media is the way people connect now,” Mark says. “It’s the way they get information.”

Mark knew that social networks like Twitter were buzzing with potential customers for his company’s nutritional supplements. However, finding the ones who were ready to buy was extremely challenging.

“I needed a program that would automate things and have some algorithms that would work for me,” Mark says.

Living Fuel -SuperBerryLast month, Living Fuel began using the Vocus Marketing Suite’s new Buying Signals™ feature, which Mark quickly set up to scan millions of Twitter conversations for users expressing a interest in buying nutritional supplements.

“Buying Signals helps us target the right people at the right time.”

When tweets appear that match Mark’s Buying Signals preferences, Vocus sends them straights to Mark’s dashboard, allowing him to engage his new prospect via Twitter directly from Vocus.

Mark’s initial engagement often leads his new prospects to share Living Fuel with their own networks, creating word-of-mouth and buzz.

“This is going to be good, I said – and it has been,” Mark says. “When a friend tells a friend, that has a lot of impact. On social media, one conversation becomes many conversations.”

Want Buying Signals to find your next customer? Take a demo of the Vocus Marketing Suite here!

Mark responds to Buying Signals as quickly as possible so that he can be the first person to reach the prospect.

“I check Buying Signals every hour or two,” he says. It gives me direct one-on-one time with customers. I try to engage with six to 10 Buying Signals per day. If I had more time, I would do even more. It’s delivering me 20 or 30 leads daily.”

“The flexibility to customize it for specific keywords and select who you want to reach helps a great deal. It helps target the right people at the right time. I can help people who are searching at that very moment and direct them to what we have.

“It’s going to help our business grow, and it has grown already,” he says. “Buying Signals and Vocus are going to be a big part of our future.”

To find out more about what Buying Signals can do for your marketing, click here.



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