Where It’s At: Our New Local Marketing Guide!

Across the country, local businesses are struggling to reach new customers with traditional local marketing.

The view on the ground is grim. Local newspapers are floundering and closing. Customers are ignoring classified advertising. Free business directories lie bleached and moldering on a million suburban lawns from California to Connecticut.

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Online, however, it’s a different story.

Online, customers are doing more than paying attention; they’re actively looking for local businesses. Let’s look at the figures:

  • 51 percent of adults  look online for information about restaurants, bars and clubs, says Pew.
  • 73% of smartphone owners use them to locate stores, says Nielsen.

The challenge isn’t the customers. The challenge is that local businesses are struggling to connect with customers.

Our new, free local marketing guide, Where It’s At, aims to change that.

It helps businesses of all sizes connect with customers through an integrated set of the most important local marketing channels: social media, email marketing, local listings, search engines, PR and content marketing.

Download the guide (short form) for all the knowhow you need to get found in your town, including:

  • Effective strategies and tactics for connecting with local customers looking for your product or service.
  • Tips and advice from online marketing experts including Brian Carter, Ric Dragon, Heidi Cohen and Aaron Strout.
  • Case studies of two local marketing success stories: restaurant chain Meatheads and architectural firm Baskervill.

Whatever your business, your local marketing can benefit from Where It’s At. Click here to download the guide today.



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