Links We Love: Mobile Sales, Metrics, and Archived Tweets

If you have yet to complete your marketing strategy for 2013, don’t worry. Find out what it takes to make your marketing the best it can be in the latest issue of Links We Love.

Stat of the Week

As if there were any doubt that mobile wasn’t the next marketing frontier, mobile commerce has seen dramatic gains from last year. In 2012, mobile commerce made up 11 percent of sales, up from 7 percent a year earlier. By 2016, its projected to hit 24 percent. Record Sales on Smartphones, Tablets Take Greater Market Share—via eMarketer

List of the Week

Content marketing means constantly “feeding the beast” with social media updates, multimedia, and blog posts. From podcasts and video to reviews and transcripts, Jeff Bullas gives you 20 shareable forms of content that will ensure the beast never goes hungry. 20 Ideas for Content That People Love to Share on Social Media—via

10 Key Metrics for Marketing Success in 2013Tip of the Week

Coordinating a comprehensive marketing campaign involves looking forward to new trends on the horizon and back on what has and hasn’t worked. Get a 360-degree view of last year’s marketing campaign with 10 essential metrics. Free Guide: 10 Metrics for 2013 Marketing Success—via Vocus

Stroke of Genius of the Week

Cinemax released a sneak peek of its new one-hour show Banshee in the form of 80+ animated GIFs. They made the GIFs shareable when they uploaded them to Tumblr and even distributed GIF trailers to fan sites, generating a lot of publicity in the process. ‘Banshee’ Makes Jerky Debut on Buzzfeed—via Adweek

And finally…

The Library of Congress has archived 170 billion tweets and will make them available to researchers, though it hasn’t solved the issue of how to make them searchable. The library collects 500 million tweets each day…meaning your marketing efforts are likely preserved in history. Library of Congress Has Archived 170 Billion Tweets—via Datamation




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