Links We Love: Twitter Leads, First Emails, and Super Bowl

Creative marketing campaigns will grab as much attention as the final score on Super Bowl Sunday.

Take a look at some of the most interesting marketing news as we gear up for the Super Bowl in this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the week

As if you needed more incentive to get on Twitter, here it is. B2B business generate nine times more leads on Twitter than on Facebook and LinkedIn. Bonus stat: Social media generates 40 percent of traffic to B2B websites. Twitter Generates Leads 9 Times More Than Facebook and LinkedIn—via Forbes

List of the week

If a first impression is the most memorable one, your welcome email to a new subscriber had better be good. From customizing your “From” line to announcing how often you will send them mail, deliver a great first impression. Create an Awesome Welcome Email: 7 Tips—via

Tip of the week

Whether social media, blog posts, webinars, or videos, content marketing falls into two categories “feathers” and “bricks”. Feathers, such as social media posts, maintain relationships with customers. Bricks, such as case studies, take time but build high-quality links, attract visitors, and can organically grow your email list. Bricks and Feathers: The Two Types of Content You Need—via Vocus Blog

Liz Lemon - Ben and Jerry'sStroke of genius of the week

To commemorate the series finale of “30 Rock”, Ben & Jerry’s used Twitter to announce a new product named after the show’s main character: Liz Lemon, a lemon-flavored Greek frozen yogurt. Proceeds from the dessert’s sale will benefit a nonprofit. The move earned a trending topic on Twitter. Greek Frozen Yogurt Finale Flavor to Benefit Jumpstart—via Business Wire.

And finally…

Ever wonder what your business could do with $4 million? You could take out a 30-second Super Bowl ad or buy eight consecutive days on YouTube’s homepage. Or perhaps you’d prefer to buy Twitter Promoted Topic for a month. What a $4M Super Bowl Spot Could Buy in Digital Marketing—via Marketing Magazine

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