Free Guide: 10 Metrics for 2013 Marketing Success!

Planning your 2013 marketing strategy? Don’t use guesswork when last year’s figures can show you the way. The right metrics can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, indicate the tactics you need to improve, and help you align your campaigns with your company’s goals.

But which metrics are the right ones? A modern marketing campaign yields plenty of figures, not all of which are created equal. This can disrupt your planning unless you know what you’re looking for.

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We’ve created a guide to 10 key metrics that give you an all-round view of your 2012 performance, and where to go from here. As well as a guide to the numbers, you’ll also find the tips and tactical advice to turn up your performance in each area this year.

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Here’s the quick list of all ten and what they mean. As marketing is now an integrated effort, at its most effective when all tactics work together (as in the Vocus Marketing Suite), a stronger performance in just one or two of these metrics can boost your results across the board.

  1. Social media referrals – Besides gauging the effectiveness of your social media efforts, referrals indicate your level of influence.
  2. Search engine ranking – Since most people don’t go beyond the first page of search results, where you rank impacts your bottom line.
  3. Social media comments and questions – Interaction provides insight into what your customers like and grows your online visibility.
  4. Email list size – Email lists with active, engaged recipients have high rates of social conversion and retaining customers.
  5. Blog readership – From generating leads to building SEO, your blog does it all, and readership measures its effectiveness.
  6. News and blog mentions – Third-party validation is perhaps the best way to earn a positive reputation.
  7. Online reviews – What your customers say about you on Yelp or other review sites plays a crucial role in how people perceive your business.
  8. Email opens – Your email open rate signals whether you are sending the type of content that people want to read.
  9. Media and blogger inquiries – The number of inquiries signals the effectiveness of your content marketing and influence in your industry.
  10. Online sales – In addition to being a moneymaker, website purchases show the all-round effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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