Outward Media: Vocus Delivered $2 Million in Leads!

Nancy Arter - Outward Media - Vocus Marketing Suite

Nancy Arter of Outward Media: “Vocus is very, very effective”

“Our marketing used to be in different pieces,” says Nancy Arter, VP of Sales and Marketing at Outward Media. “I couldn’t participate online as effectively as I do now.”

Last March, the West Hollywood-based marketing data company began using the Vocus Marketing Suite.

“It’s a great efficiency tool,” Nancy says. “It furthers our brand. It helps show that we’re experts in our field.”

To engage new customers, Nancy uses the suite’s Buying Signals feature, which monitors Twitter to pinpoint potential customers from their conversations.

“I hadn’t seen anything else like it,” Nancy says. “The ability to monitor millions and millions of messages for those most relevant to my business is huge! It’s brilliant!

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“Vocus has found me a number of people that I could help. I offer them advice or point them to one of our products to purchase online. Buying Signals is very, very effective.”

To generate visibility, Nancy uses the Marketing Suite’s online press releases to announce everything from new product features to policy changes.

“Each and every time we send out a press release, our phone rings,” Nancy says. “Vocus news releases have delivered several proposals for very large opportunities which I think will convert.”

“Our average purchase is about 500,000 in marketing data and services.”

With one-to-one guidance from a Vocus consultant, Nancy plans to do even more.

“Our consultant has been fabulous,” she says. “She gives me great ideas for content and tips for using the tools to really produce great results.

“Having Vocus makes me feel positive and optimistic as our company moves forward. I’m positive that more success will come – and Vocus is now part of my strategy.

“Vocus is full service. The platform, the consulting. It’s really great.”

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