PR Storytelling - Featured

Answer These 3 Questions to Tell a Better Story

Stories are the bread and butter of the PR world. Are yours as effective as they can possibly be? Before publishing your next story ask and answer these three questions to turn your content from okay to spectacular.

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Facebook Featured

Does Facebook Work for B2B PR? These Brands Say Yes!

Don’t think Facebook is a viable B2B PR tool? Guess again. Three of the top brands in the world use it to do their digital public relations. See who they are and get their tips for turning Facebook into a valuable PR tool!

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Dollar - Budgeting PR

7 Things to Consider When Budgeting Your PR Dollars

Do all of your tactics and tools benefit your bottom line? Before spending another dollar, consider these seven questions that will help you better allocate your resources for your PR budgeting.

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How to Collect Customer Data Without Creeping Them Out

Data is the present and future of marketing, but your customers have become wary of the whys, hows and whens of data collection. See recent research that shows the biggest customer concerns and how to overcome them.

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Progrexion - Vocus Marketing Suite - Success

Progrexion: Vocus Helps Us Reach 300,000 People a Day!

Progrexion had the right marketing pieces, but they didn’t work together. After they turned to the Vocus Marketing Suite and a Vocus consultant, they took their marketing to another level, reaching 300,000 people a day.

PrimeRevenue - Vocus PR Suite

PrimeRevenue: Vocus Helped Increase Awareness of Our Award-Winning Solutions

With offices on multiple continents, PrimeRevenue turned to Vocus to raise global awareness. The PR Suite helped them earn publicity in many key publications and position themselves as global leaders within their industry.

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OutMarket - Featured

Looking for the Marketing Content You Love? Visit OutMarket!

Today, we have an exciting announcement. The Vocus Marketing Suite is now OutMarket! OutMarket features a new look, but the same award-winning software. Check out the full announcement here. We … [Read More...]

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