Quality Versus Quantity on Social Media

Imagine that someone is looking at your brand’s Facebook page or Twitter page with their finger hovering over the “unfriend” or “unfollow” button. It’s a social media “judgment day” of sorts. Sound dramatic?

It actually occurs frequently, especially when fans get bored of what businesses are saying.

Social media continues to become a pervasive part of society, and  the number of social media users continues to grow. This presents an interesting challenge for businesses and individuals: How do you attract all of these users to your social media platforms, while engaging them meaningfully at the same time?

Many businesses get bogged down with worrying about the number of followers they have, which is understandable to an extent. At first glance, a company with a million followers looks more credible than a company with 50 followers.

However, if they aren’t engaging with those followers – or simply posting countless updates – what value does that million-follower figure really hold? Blasting updates and trying to listen to a million people may be hindering that business from reaching its core audience.

In social media, it’s quality that counts – both in terms of followers and in terms of content.

Quality of Followers

Take a step back for a moment and be honest with yourself: Are you actively engaging with your fans/followers, and are they engaging with you? If your answer is no, is it because you spend your social media time chasing more and more fans and followers?

Having a million uninterested fans doesn’t help your bottom line. It is better to have a smaller, targeted audience, especially when that niche audience is liking, commenting on, and retweeting your content. Not only does reposting show that your audience values what you are saying, but it also exposes you and/or your brand to their friends and followers. Social media is about engagement. If you are not generating feedback, something is amiss.

“Social networking is a lot like real life,” says entrepreneur Dave Nelsen. “When you invest in your relationships, they pay dividends.”

Try this: stop worrying so much about how many followers you have, and focus on creating better relationships with the followers you do have.

Quality of Content

Are you one of those updaters who clogs everyone’s Facebook newsfeeds or Twitter feeds with constant posts? Two words for you: Stop it.

Believe it or not, posting incessantly will turn people off to you or your brand. It is better to have a couple of quality posts a day than a slew of lackluster updates.

“As in the real world, there is a time and a place for everything in the social media world. More posts doesn’t mean more views,” says backcountry.com’s social media manager, Kyle Harris.

Prior to posting anything on your social media accounts, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself the following question, “Would I find this post of interest?”

Keeping this question in mind from your customer’s standpoint will help you curate better content to fit their needs. In order to create the quality relationships with your followers mentioned above, you must have quality content– the two go hand in hand.

So, remember: Sometimes less is best. Focus on quality over quantity and avoid getting the ax when your fans and followers carry out their own social media judgment days.

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Image: s_falkow (Creative Commons)



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