#Election2012: DNC Convention Beats RNC Convention on Social Media

At the tail end of the both political conventions, the analysis shows  that the Democrats took the digital space by storm.  Search Engine Land reports Team Blue drew more searches on Google and Yahoo, while Vocus analysis of political social media shows the DNC dramatically overshadowed the RNC in terms of social mentions during the convention.

Team Obama has enjoyed a small bump in the polls – between 1 and 6 points — the widest of which was conducted by CNN/Opinion Research.  The tricky part is trying to understand what effect digital communications, whether social media or otherwise, has had on the polling.

The SlideShare presentation below provides a side-by-side comparison of social media chatter for the Republican convention (8/27 to 8/30) and the Democratic convention (9/3 to 9/6).   It presents volume, word cloud analysis, some of the most influential tweeters, and the most discussed campaign issues on social media during each respective convention.



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