Seven Rules for Mobile Video Marketing Success

More than two-thirds of people watch as much video on mobile devices as they do on desktops.

However, many businesses don’t optimize their video marketing for the small screen. This can alienate mobile viewers.

Make your mobile video marketing accessible to all with these seven tips:

1. Make it to the small screen

Vocus Video - Text Size - Mobile Video Marketing

Notice how the text in this Vocus video accounts for nearly half the screen.

Tablets and smartphones have a smaller screen than desktop devices. This sounds obvious, but many businesses don’t account for it.

If you use text, make sure mobile viewers can read it without straining. Make buttons big and easily clickable since they serve as calls to action since they drive prospects closer to conversion.

2. Cater to customers on the go

Many mobile users contend with slow connections that take forever to load high-quality productions. This can lead to abandoned videos and fewer returns returns to your site.

Use HTML Live Streaming to deliver your video quality based on the bandwidth of your viewer’s connection. This helps mobile prospects without alienating hardwired prospects.

Note: All iOS devices support HTML Live Streaming, but older Android devices do not. Consider offering several choices for video quality before it begins.

3. Enable “view later” options

Mobile customers don’t mind long videos. More than half of mobile video views are longer than 10 minutes.

That doesn’t mean they will watch it all at once, though. Peter Shankman coined the term short burst downtime to describe productively using your mobile device while waiting in line, for example.

Make it easy for viewers to take a break and watch the rest later.

Provide the option to tag your content for later viewing or use cookies to send a reminder about the video they abandoned.

4. Create clear audio

People watch videos everywhere, including noisy places like commuter trains.

Combat background noise with the best audio equipment you can afford.

Often the microphones built into computers don’t get the job done. Microphones that plug into your computer or iPad deliver the best audio quality.

This Nike commercial below uses crystal clear audio for its music, cheers, sound effects and even Homer Simpson’s voice.

5. Get viewers to the right place

Getting a prospect to watch video is great, but that’s not what you want. You want a sale.

Instead of mentioning a site and hoping mobile users type it into their address bar, add links to the description of your video. Don’t forget to add a graphic or line of script that directs them there.

6. Use close-ups

Want viewers to focus on something in particular on the screen? Zoom in on it.

Viewers won’t spend much time on your video if they have to squint just to see what you’re talking about.

For example, within four seconds of the video below, you see an up-close shot of the Toyota logo.

7. Play to mobile’s unique strengths

At first glance, mobile video may seem limiting, but it offers room for creativity.

Find ways you can deliver video content that takes advantage of users’ locations.

For example, you can buy video ads that trigger based on geography.

A more creative option comes from NBC. It ran a trailer for America’s Next Great Restaurant through Living Social. Those who watched the video received an extra restaurant voucher.


For successful video content marketing, optimize for mobile and do it now.

Mobile video consumption has nearly doubled in six months. In September 2012, tablets and smartphones accounted for 5.4 percent of the time spent watching online video. By March 2013, that number had increased to 10.2 percent.

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ImageL Yutaka Tsutano (Creative Commons)



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