Small Business Marketing Stars React to GoDaddy Outage

Sone really cool examples of small business leveraging current news to their advantage are taking place in front of us right now.Today, a GoDaddy outage took down millions of sites, email accounts and phone service for their users. It’s been a terrible day for the staff for the staff trying to restore service, not to mention the PR and customer service department.

However, in the thick of the tweets, we found something uplifting. Coupon Puppet is a site with an intriguingly simple mascot that shares coupons and deals from across the web. A simple, yet effective small business, we’d been following them for several months when we saw this.


Within hours of the crisis, these guys wrote, recorded, and distributed a video with their sock puppet mascot singing a song about how the GoDaddy outages are affecting small businesses and asking for a resolution quickly – all to the tune of the #1 song on iTunes: (Not to mention with over 128 million YouTube views) We are Young by Fun. In addition to the succinct video, we noticed a rash of tweets after it was published:

Coupon Puppet's Tweets to Bloggers

Coupon Puppet was now tweeting tech bloggers their video. What an excellent example of a small business taking the bull by the horns. Here’s what they did right:

1)      They responded to the issue with timely, original content.

2)      The content they created was multimedia content, which is more viewable and shareble.

3)      The multimedia content probably cost them nothing to make.

4)      They did their research and pitched reporters in a time where they’re probably looking for more news related to this Internet crisis.

5)      It was creative.

What do you think of Coupon Puppet’s tactics? We give them an A+. We’d love to see them get some media coverage out of this.

Here’s how some other people are dealing with the GoDaddy outages:

Barbara Kantor, who uses PRWeb, reached out to customers on Facebook, offering an alternative way to get in touch with her during the outage.

Small Business Turns to Facebook During GoDaddy Outage

Mike Schaffer, a local social media personality on Twitter, saw his personal blog hit by the outage, even as people were sharing links to his blog on Twitter.

Mike Schaffer Blog Down Because of GoDaddy

Are you a business who has been impacted by the GoDaddy outage? Let us know how you’re coping in the comments section below.



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