#Election2012: A Tight Social Media Race as DNC Convention Begins

Mashable reports that the RNC convention has set the bar for social media with “more than 4 million tweets with a peak of 14,743 tweets per minute.”  As the DNC convention kicks off we’ll be taking a look to compare and contrast the conventions on social media.

While volume is certainly interesting, our parameters for this social media monitoring project are very specific and places the campaigns and candidates at the center.  It also includes data across the social web rather than just from Twitter.

This week, the President continues to outpace his Republican rival in terms of social mentions, but Paul Ryan also outpaces Joe Biden by a ratio of about 2:1.  In other words, for every social post that mentions Joe Biden, Paul Ryan is mentioned twice.  Paul Ryan has been a factor on social media since the days following his naming to the ticket when Ryan’s social mentions skyrocketed to more than 40,000 mentions.

Overall the campaigns are drawing about one million social mentions in tweets, updates and social posts each week. The break out by campaign still indicates a tight race with no clear lead, a trend that’s also reflected in current polling.

Interestingly, part of what’s driving the volume of social mentions for the President is the Republican campaign.  A word cloud analysis shows that mentions of Romney in social media are likely to also include a mention of Obama.  Most posts mentioning Obama, however, do not tend to mention his rival.

Mentions of campaign issues have changed slightly, from our post last week, suggesting a shift in the conversation on the heels of the RNC convention.  “Taxes” are still by far the most mentioned issue, but “budget” has now overtaken “education” as the #2 most talked about issue, while “economy” trumps “healthcare” to the #4 spot.  “Debt” has also eased forward as the #6 issue, topping “abortion” as the controversy over Congressman Todd Akin’s comments fades and the national debt tops a new high of $16 trillion; an issue highlighted repeatedly  at the RNC.

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