Three Rules for Effective (Not Provided) Brand Content

Rebecca Bredholt leads the Vocus Marketing Consultants, helping Vocus customers achieve marketing success.

As Scott Benson’s recent article points out, Google’s (Not Provided) update means a shift away from content focused on keywords.

SEO savvy marketers are turning their attention towards “free range” storytelling: creating content that serves the end user, unfettered by keywords. How is “free range” storytelling done well?

Brandon Generator - Not Provided Brand Storytelling

1. Care more about the people searching than the words they type into search.

Websites like Core Products that sell merchandise intended to relieve or manage chronic pain are loading up their websites with videos interviewing pain specialists, diagrams and wiki-like definitions that provide context around their products.

Core products - (Not Provided) Brand StorytellingSome of their products help with conditions that are very complex with unfamiliar medical terms. Their marketing team researched these terms and conditions and provided well-referenced factual information for their shoppers.

2. Think like humans, not machines, and be more creative. 

The award-winning director from Shaun of the Dead becomes a comic-book character in this immersive HTML 5 experience, “The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, by Edgar Wright, Tommy Lee Edwards and You.”

The inventors behind this episodic branded marketing game know that we’re not just passive viewers online anymore. Together with Microsoft, Tommy Lee Edwards and a couple of creative teams designed a fictional world that’s intriguing and teaches users about the benefits of using iE9.

3. Create content that users value. 

In a post-Google Keyword Tool world, brands should, as Christopher Penn put it, “create content users actually want.”

Even Cisco Systems knows people like to read about people more than technology. Telling people’s stories can be a captivating and inspiring experience. That’s why they created Connected Life Exchange, a blog about people changing the world through technology. Their posts show how a cellular service provider in rural Africa used shipping containers like a portable office and how a manager at a mobile software company helped provide community health workers in rural areas that lacked proper access to medical care.

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