VoIP Supply: Vocus Increased Our Online Revenue 20 Percent!

“Our press releases weren’t getting good reach. Our email software wasn’t robust. Our external marketing agency was more time-consuming than helpful,” says Nathan Miloszewski, Content and Conversations Manager of VoIP Supply, an Internet telecommunications company based in Buffalo.

“We needed one platform. We found that in the Vocus Marketing Suite. It’s a seamless platform where we can do everything faster,” Nathan says.

“My browser opens Vocus automatically every morning. First, I see what industry news it found, based on our keyword settings. Then I check the performance of our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and look for relevant publicity alerts.”

VoIP Supply Team 2012 - Vocus Marketing Suite

Smashed any online sales goals lately? The VoIP Supply team is all smiles thanks to Vocus.

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“It’s good to start the day with a glance at everything. Having all these tools in one place means we can stay organized and handle every aspect of a campaign in house, and get the most out of our marketing.”

“We can launch an online press release for a piece of news, announce it by email to our subscriber list, and promote it through social media,” Nathan says. “It almost feels too easy sometimes.”

“We began using Vocus in June 2012. Within a year, our website traffic had increased significantly. We had 16 percent more visits, 19 percent more unique visitors and 8 percent more pageviews. That led to a 20 percent increase in online sales revenue.”

As VoIP Supply enters its second year with Vocus, it plans to use the Vocus Marketing Suite even more.

“Next, we’re looking to do more email campaigns, maybe experiment with autoresponders,” Nathan says. “We’re also experimenting with some of the Facebook apps.”

“It’s good to be able to dive right in. We’re certain Vocus will continue delivering value, efficiency and speed.”

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