Government Relations Software

Monitor and Influence Capitol Hill and All 50 State Legislatures

The Government Relations software features:

  • Comprehensive employee/member database management tools
  • Vocus’ own up-to-date, complete legislator and staffer database
  • Easy bill and vote monitoring for Congress and all state legislatures
  • Legislative meeting and grassroots activity tracking
  • Federal and state Zip-to-District matching
  • Targeted outbound communications to staffers and employees/members
  • Extensive analytics and reporting capabilities

PAC Compliance

Use the Most Popular PAC Software for Filing with the FEC4

The Political Action Committee software features:

  • Industry-leading vendor PAC compliance software for FEC filings
  • 50 state compliance reporting
  • Up-to-date candidate committee information
  • A CRM for PAC donor management
  • Easy importing of donor receipts
  • A PCI compliant PAC website with credit card, payroll and donor participation history
  • Event and fundraiser management and check approval
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Affiliated PAC management and split PAC import features
  • Soft money/non-FEC transaction management
  • Extensive analytics and reporting capabilities

Grassroots Solutions

Engage and Mobilize Your Grassroots Stakeholders

The Grassroots software features:

  • HTML templates for personalized outbound emails
  • An eAdvocacy website with customizable pages
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Regularly updated federal and state ZIP-to-District matching
  • Comprehensive congressional and state legislator and staffer database
  • Grassroots activity and Legislative meeting tracking
  • Social media engagements tools
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