Media Moves

Devindra Hardawar Joins Engadget

Engadget recently announced Devindra Hardawar will join the site as senior editor covering … [Read More...]

Aspen Times names new editor

Lauren Glendenning has been named editor of The Aspen Times. She was most recently an editorial … [Read More...]

Mary Del Ciancio departs Manufacturing Automation

Mary Del Ciancio will be exiting Canadian publication Manufacturing Automation this week. She joined … [Read More...]

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Journalist Spotlights

Gwen Berry — Palm Beach Post

Gwen Berry is a wine writer for the Palm Beach Post. Previously, Berry served as a multimedia … [Read More...]

Emag Asghar — WNYW-TV

Emag Asghar is currently executive producer of Good Day New York on WNYW. Prior to this position, he … [Read More...]

Christopher Breen — Macworld

Christopher Breen covers Apple products, such as iMacs and the iPhone, as a senior editor at … [Read More...]

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Pitch an Event

Dangerous food

Keep food safe in December

When: December What: After a long trip to the grocery store, unpacking food can be a huge annoyance. So a person shoves all of the fruits in the drawer and tosses the eggs on the shelf. And then they might put the pack of raw chicken next to the … [Read More...]

When in doubt, tell the truth

Celebrating a great American novelist in November

When:  November 30 What: Mark Twain, tagged as one of the great American novelists of his day, is among many greats in classic literature. Celebrate his birthday on Nov. 30, and encourage children to begin reading at an early age and to take an … [Read More...]

Kids on scooters 2

Focus on keeping your children safe in November

When: November 9 What: A major part of a parent’s job is to keep her child safe from harm. However, accidents occur in the most unlikely of places. Each year, children are hurt or killed by accidents, some through vehicle collisions, others by … [Read More...]

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