Media Moves

Rachel Smolkin has joined CNN

Rachel Smolkin will join CNN Digital as the new executive editor of politics, taking charge of … [Read More...]

Bloomberg News welcomes new e-commerce reporter in the San Francisco bureau

Spencer Soper has been hired by Bloomberg News as an e-commerce reporter in the San Francisco … [Read More...]

Landry jumps from WWWM to WEBL and WUMY

Mighty Media Group’s WEBL-FM and WUMY-AM have tapped Nikki Landry to serve as program director and … [Read More...]

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Journalist Spotlights

Kirk Yuhnke – KDVR-TV

Kirk Yuhnke is a morning anchor for “Good Day Colorado” on KDVR, the Fox affiliate in Denver. He … [Read More...]

Mark Healey – The Wave

Mark Healey is the editor and online editor of The Wave, a newspaper in Rockaway, New York. … [Read More...]

Josh Cascio – WTVT-TV

Josh Cascio is a reporter for WTVT, the Fox affiliate in Tampa, Florida. Before joining WTVT, Cascio … [Read More...]

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Pitch an Event

Signpost is made of old worn shoes, the distance to the cities

Recognize the benefits of tourism in September

When: September 27 What: Summer vacation is an American standard in full swing right now, and it accounts for a large percentage of revenue and jobs in many regions. But travel doesn't just happen in the summer, it happens all year long. Take time … [Read More...]

Dog is waiting

Learn more about dog ownership and care in September

When: September What: See Spot run. See Spot jump. Watch Spot: make sure he doesn’t jump over the fence while chasing a squirrel in the backyard. Owning a dog may be fun, but sometimes people forget that it is also a big responsibility. Dogs … [Read More...]

3d man sit near the globe with laptop

Celebrating the World Wide Web

When: August 6 What: The continued controversies surrounding issues such as net neutrality and Internet privacy serve to highlight just how integral the Web is to our daily lives. Recognize the Web's crucial importance on August 6, the 23rd … [Read More...]

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