Tracking the death of the blogs at the New York Times

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The “blogpocalypse,” as Andrew Beaujon from coined it, at the New York Times is ongoing. According to Poynter, the Times has been shuttering blogs for the past year and a half.  The Green blog was closed earlier last year, upsetting the likes of the Columbia Journalism Review science writer Curtis Brainard. Meanwhile, David Pogue’s [...]

Q&A: The impact of losing bloggers

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After former New York Times top editor Jill Abramson was ousted from the paper in May, inVocus spoke with PR pros regarding the impact of losing a contact at a news outlet and the struggles to build new relationships. We’re revisiting that topic today with Brittany Berger, digital content supervisor at, who focused more [...]

Featuring five outdoor adventure blogs

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It’s July, a time for adventurers to go full force. For nature-lovers, campers, hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, these blogs feature sites, trails and mountains to scale and rest your head on as you trek or play in the wild. For PR pros looking for adventure blogs to hit up this summer and fall, here [...]

State of the Media: Q2 2014

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Each quarter showcases new advances in the media industry’s propensity for experimentation, and also says goodbye to old practices. Here’s a look at the media industry in the second quarter: Newspapers In the second quarter of 2014, 12 newspapers folded, including two dailies: the Silver City Press & Independent in New Mexico and the Daily [...]

PR Pros give tips on building relationships with journalists

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Last week, inVocus spoke with PR professionals on tips for building and maintaining relationships with journalists. There were so many great responses that we’re sharing five more takeaways. Jana Glowatz, CEO and founder, JANA Public Relations In the PR industry, relationships with not only editors but with stylists, TV producers, and other journalists is vital [...]