The growth and significance of BuzzFeed


Launched in 2006, Buzzfeed, the viral Internet media company that covers and provides content on such topics as politics, DIY, business and of course, kitties, has lately received a lot of attention in the media. The big news being that Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, is investing $50 million into Buzzfeed, [...]

Summer launches and initiatives in the media industry

Launch written on multiple road sign

There have been a number of launches this summer, whether they were outlet, product or initiative, the media industry continues to strive towards growth. Here’s a look at some of the bright and shiny that has popped up over the last several months. Meredith Corp. announced this summer that it will launch Parents Latina in [...]

Magazine redesigns online and in print


Redesigns are a constant within the media industry and news organizations frequently decide to try out new looks, either for aesthetics, a new mission or usability online. But there’s been an especially large number of magazine makeovers lately, so let’s look at who is putting on a new face: In July, debuted its revamped [...]

Editorial and advertising blur more lines at Time Inc.


Advertising and editorial have gotten increasingly chummy over the last several years as the news industry struggles to find alternative, and lucrative, sources of revenue. Advertising has become such a focus that several media organizations reported that Time Inc. was taking into account how well a reporter’s content appealed to advertisers as a basis for [...]

PR Pros tell stories of social media and journalist engagement

Word PR on newspaper

As we’ve discussed before, making connections is important, especially for PR pros with journalists. Social media has become a significant way of reaching out and engaging. At inVocus, we asked PR professionals to share the best connection they ever made through a social media platform. Here are the top five stories: Elizabeth Horodnyk, marketing communications [...]