A look at sales and mergers in the media industry

Merger acquisition background concept

A number of sales, mergers and acquisitions have been talked about or have been ongoing over the last several months. Here’s a look at some of the most predominant in the headlines. CBS Local Media purchased Eventful Inc., a San Diego-based digital media company providing demand-based platforms for live, digital and broadcast events. According to [...]

Common pitfalls of PR-journalist relationship building

Many People Shouting Me to Stand Out in a Crowd

We’ve been talking a lot about the PR-journalist relationship and the nature of pitching. Here we asked PR professionals to dish on the hardest part of building that relationship and the pitfalls that come with it. Their exact responses are below, but most agree: selling the pitch takes work, engagement and mutual interest. A thick [...]

Christmas comes early for PR pros

Smiley sandy snowman at beach in christmas hat with golden gift.

As the summer deadlines for gift guide issues approach, we’ve reached out to advertising contacts to discuss the booking and pitching process. Their responses highlight several different ways to utilize a magazine’s holiday gift guide issue. In the traditional mode, editors generally select products that fit their magazine’s area of coverage. Therefore, it’s always best [...]

Tracking the death of the blogs at the New York Times

Debt Blocks Showing Bankruptcy Poverty And Being Broke

The “blogpocalypse,” as Andrew Beaujon from Poynter.org coined it, at the New York Times is ongoing. According to Poynter, the Times has been shuttering blogs for the past year and a half.  The Green blog was closed earlier last year, upsetting the likes of the Columbia Journalism Review science writer Curtis Brainard. Meanwhile, David Pogue’s [...]

Q&A: The impact of losing bloggers

Blogs Concept

After former New York Times top editor Jill Abramson was ousted from the paper in May, inVocus spoke with PR pros regarding the impact of losing a contact at a news outlet and the struggles to build new relationships. We’re revisiting that topic today with Brittany Berger, digital content supervisor at eZanga.com, who focused more [...]