Ben Tracy — CBS Evening News

Ben Tracy is a national correspondent for “CBS Evening News” on the CBS News Network. He is based out of Los Angeles, California. Tracy has been with “CBS News” since 2008. Before joining the network, he was an investigative reporter for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has also worked as a reporter at WISN-TV in [...]

Jay Bookman — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jay Bookman writes opinion columns on environmental issues, foreign affairs, international military affairs and state government. His column appears in the newspaper twice a week. Previously, Bookman served as associate editorial page editor at the paper. In 2002, his article The President’s Real Goal In Iraq was awarded the first annual Real News Story of [...]

Jen Christensen — CNN

Jen Christensen is a producer for CNN Online. She covers investigative health and wellness stories. Christensen joined CNN in 2005. During this time, she has also served as a special investigations and documentary producer. Prior to joining CNN, she was a health and medicine reporter for WHOI-TV in Atlanta. She has also served as a [...]

Simon Dumenco — Advertising Age/Details

Simon Dumenco, commonly referred to as the “Media Guy,” is the editor at large for Advertising Age as well as a columnist for the publication’s website. He most frequently discusses and gives his opinion about topics in the media. In addition, Dumenco serves as a contributing editor for Details magazine. Previously, Dumenco has held multiple [...]

Donna Buckner — The Express Star

Donna Buckner is the community news editor for the Express-Star. Most recently, Buckner worked as a page designer for the paper. She has also served as an administrative assistant and purchasing agent for the Washita Valley Community Action Council Head Starrt. Buckner studied psychology and communications from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. [...]