Learn more about prostate cancer in September

Lt. Blue awareness Ribbon

When: September What: As they age, people need to be more aware of ailments that can start to affect their bodies. Health guidelines suggest getting tested routinely for a variety of illnesses that often develop in older adults. This includes prostate cancer, which can be easy to miss because it rarely displays symptoms in its [...]

Keep our waterways safe from maritime disasters this September

Genoa port

When: September 25 What: When maritime disasters occur, the news coverage may dwindle off after a week or so, but the impact on people, the environment and economies can last for years. Recognize the importance of marine shipping and safety this Sept. 25 on World Maritime Day. Background: Established by the International Maritime Organization, this [...]

Keep your food safe in September

Dangerous food

When: September What: Food sustains us, nourishes us and connects us to our wider society and culture. Food shows up at both parties and funerals, and it comforts people in times of need. And yet, food can be harmful, especially if it’s not prepared properly. In September, help make sure food stays nourishing, not sickening, [...]

Recognize the benefits of tourism in September

Signpost is made of old worn shoes, the distance to the cities

When: September 27 What: Summer vacation is an American standard in full swing right now, and it accounts for a large percentage of revenue and jobs in many regions. But travel doesn’t just happen in the summer, it happens all year long. Take time this Sept. 27 to recognize the importance of tourism in growing [...]

Learn more about dog ownership and care in September

Dog is waiting

When: September What: See Spot run. See Spot jump. Watch Spot: make sure he doesn’t jump over the fence while chasing a squirrel in the backyard. Owning a dog may be fun, but sometimes people forget that it is also a big responsibility. Dogs need proper care. They need to be fed, brushed and walked. [...]