Celebrating the anniversary of Mount Rushmore in October

Power in granite

When: October 31 What: On October 31, 1941, construction ended on an important monument in American history: Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Today, it stands a symbol of presidential greatness and is an incredibly popular tourist spot. Celebrate Rushmore’s 70th anniversary by capitalizing on tourism and parks and recreation. Background: Construction on Mount Rushmore began [...]

Celebrate World Food Day in October

Global egg rounded with arrow

When: October 16 What: In the U.S. and around the world, family-run farms account for 56 percent of agricultural production. Meanwhile, over 98 percent of farms in the world are family-run farms. As World Food Day approaches on Oct. 16, recognize the vital role family farms play in the bigger agricultural picture. Background: World Food [...]

Learn more about dyslexia in October

Colorful books that spells out "dyslexia"

When: October What: By October, most kids are already settled into their new school year routine. They’ve got their books and pencils, they are back into a set schedule and are ready to buckle down and study. But for some children and adults, reading can make learning and school frustrating. Celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month in [...]

Support our teachers in October

Inspirational phrase for teacher appreciation

When: October 5 What: Teachers and education systems around the world are facing mounting challenges in resources, qualifications and technology, so take time to support educators this Oct. 5 on World Teachers’ Day. Background: World Teachers’ Day was established in 1994 by UNESCO to promote issues facing teachers and teacher organizations around the world, and [...]

Learn more about prostate cancer in September

Lt. Blue awareness Ribbon

When: September What: As they age, people need to be more aware of ailments that can start to affect their bodies. Health guidelines suggest getting tested routinely for a variety of illnesses that often develop in older adults. This includes prostate cancer, which can be easy to miss because it rarely displays symptoms in its [...]