Editor’s media picks – 4/9

Colorado Daily considering changes in publication schedule?
By Michael Roberts

Boulder’s Colorado Daily has been through plenty of changes in recent years, and more may be in the offing. A source tells us there’s been discussion of shrinking its publication schedule to just three days a week — and while Al Manzi, the head of the firm that oversees the paper, notes that such a move hasn’t been made thus far, neither does he deny the possibility… More via Denver Westword

Promoting the news goes mobile
By Deb Wenger

Television news promotes itself better than any other form of journalism. TV stations routinely set aside valuable airtime to advertise stories set to appear on upcoming newscasts. Now, though, the most effective promotions may be airing on cell phones.

“I believe the value of a tease on mobile is much more valuable than a video tease during an afternoon show,” says Rich Murphy, senior Web producer for MyFoxDc.com, the website for WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C.  ”Maybe more valuable than a tease during prime. I think it has more of a chance of being paid attention to on mobile than the white noise within a program’s commercials.” …More via AdvancingtheStory.com

Publishers lost $27 in print for every digital $1 gain
By Alan D. Mutter

The Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism generated gasps when it reported that newspapers are losing $7 in print advertising for every $1 of digital revenue that they gain. But the situation is even worse.

In fact, publishers since 2005 have lost nearly $26.7 billion in print advertising revenues while gaining only $1.2 billion in new digital revenue. Thus, the true ratio of print loss to digital gain is 27 to 1, not the 7 to 1 reported by Pew in March… More via Reflections of a Newsosaur

New Sun-Times takes Chicago to a different place
By Robert Feder

In case you have any doubt that the Chicago Sun-Times is becoming the New York Post, you might want to pick up Monday’s edition.

The paper of Roger Ebert and five other Pulitzer Prize winners is morphing into a garish, down-market tabloid that seems to be edited for people with teeny-tiny attention spans who prefer headlines to be written IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Monday brings a redesign and extensive reorganization of the product that longtime readers may find disorienting and even off-putting, based on conversations with Sun-Times insiders and a memo to editors outlining the changes… More via TimeOutChicago.com

Study: young consumers switch media 27 times an hour
By Brian Steinberg

It’s every advertiser’s worst nightmare: consumers so distracted by a dizzying array of media choices that they no longer notice the commercials supporting them. And its time might be closer than you think.

A recent study found that consumers in their 20s (“digital natives”) switch media venues about 27 times per nonworking hour—the equivalent of more than 13 times during a standard half-hour TV show… More via AdAge.com

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